2019 JROTC Washington, D.C. Trip

The Barren County JROTC Program took 16 students on a historical trip of a lifetime. 


Students toured many different monuments, memorials, battlefields, museums, and government offices across several different states. These included: the Holocaust Museum; the U.S. Capitol with a tour from Kentucky State Representative Brett Guthrey; the Arlington Cemetery tour; the Changing of the Guard; Guetty’s Burge battle field; and many war memorials in D.C.


“It’s important to go on the D.C. trip every year because the students get to see monuments, experience parts of history, and hear both sides of our nation’s battles,” Sergeant Major Gearalds said.


First time traveler, Abigayle Davis, said, “The trip was fascinating, my favorite part was watching the ceremony of the tomb of the unknown soldier and going to the Holocaust Museum.” 


This trip provided her with details of what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust that she wasn’t aware of before. Since it was her first time going, it gave her a new experience and showed her how important this trip is to everyone who gets to go.


“It was a very interactive experience that helped me learn so much more, rather than getting it out of a textbook or lecture in a classroom,” Davis said.


Mason Smith is another student who attended the trip. When talking about the tour of the capitol with Brett Guthrey, he said it was one of the most significant parts of the trip for him. 


“D.C. is the political center of our nation and it shows a historical significance of where we came from,” Smith said.


He talked about how amazing it was that such an important person in our nation was kind enough to give them a tour of the capitol. 


“It was an honor to get to speak with him and shake his hand,” said Smith.


This trip was important to many people because it taught about the U.S.’s past.


“Viewing what happened with the Jews and getting to actually see in person the train cars they rode to the camps in, seeing the clothes they had to wear, the food they had to eat, it just makes you feel lucky and humbled to be where you are now,” Davis said.


The JROTC Washington, D.C trip was an impactful experience for those who attended. Students learned to have an appreciation for the U.S. and its rich history in an interactive way.