Ankur Gopal Talks with Barren County Students

BCHS Trojan Academy — A CEO of a multi-billion dollar programming company named Interapt spoke with students earlier this month at BCHS Trojan Academy. Ankur Gopal discussed his career in programming, his experience of starting a company, and how he is focusing on the youth in Kentucky. Several students filled the TA Media Lab from BCHS, BCMS, and Allen County High School.

Gopal was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. He found a passion for programming and he wanted to have a career in it. Gopal moved to Chicago to have a better chance of finding a job with programming; however, he discovered the competition was fierce so he moved back to Kentucky, this time in Louisville. Gopal then had the idea that he could bring an industry of technology to Kentucky instead of leaving the Commonwealth, so Gopal found several other people with high programming skills and founded Interapt.
Gopal discussed the benefits and hardships of starting a company, even giving advice that might help shave off a couple years of building the company. He always said that he wanted to save two years of a potential entrepreneur’s life because he knew building a company would take a while.  
Interapt is heavily involved with the Kentucky youth. The company has several apprenticeships that travel around the Commonwealth, specifically targeting high school and college students. The company is working with the Department of Education as well as the Department of Labor to improve the job market and the employee pool.
Interapt also has programs that will teach students about programming and then companies will take an interest in the student and eventually hire the student in exchange. The companies then give Interapt an added benefit. For example, Interapt has a partnership similar to this with Google. Google will provide maintenance if any problems arise in the system, give trade benefits and equipment to Interapt, while Interapt provides new methods of programming and new employees. Gopal had said both companies are working together with virtual reality as well as the idea of robots and artificial intelligence.

Gopal believes that rural areas have great potential for programmers, and he wanted to give the impression that a student does not have to leave Kentucky to have a job in programming or any other related field. The students at Barren County were left inspired and fascinated by Gopal’s visit.