Barren on Broadway: Students to put on Grease: Live

Each year, Barren County High School’s Drama Club recreates various cinematic experiences. As Rush Week continued, more students were becoming involved in the this year’s production, Grease Live.

Glenna Gardner, the drama instructor, and Raeanne McKendree, the choir director, have high expectations for the show.

The selection for the musical was based mostly on student preference, but Gardner claimed that she could also “see the cast within the students.”

She could see specific characters portrayed by some of her students in daily life.

The auditions consist of song memorization and “making the character come to life” according to Gardner. As Gardner and McKendree give helpful advice to the students, they both agree that becoming the character is one of the most important elements of being successful in the play.

I always do a character analysis of the role I want,” McKendree said. “I try to figure out what the character is thinking, especially during the song or monologue I have chosen for the audition.”

In all aspects of the production, Mckendree believes

“It shows the directors that I care about the production and want to contribute in the best possible way,” McKendree said.

Gardner wants students to “engulf themselves into their character and to give it their all throughout the entire process.”

The expectation is for students to apply themselves at rehearsal.

“Students can be prepared by looking further into the role they received,” McKendree said, “Always coming prepared for rehearsals with a pencil for markings, always listening for direction, looking at their parts outside of rehearsal, staying on top of their schedule by keeping a detailed calendar and always asking for help when they feel overwhelmed.”

Rehearsals benefit from the student’s drive for acting. McKendree recommends to “practice in front of a friend, parent, teacher or even ask the director for feedback.”

Depending on how students are involved with the play, determines rehearsal dates. Work and club schedules can also be maneuvered around. This is so the drama club can consist of a diverse group of students.

Although a yearly production is common, they are usually held sometime in the spring. For the 2018-2019 school year, the project is projected to be fully prepared by February.

“I wanted to keep the end of the year open,” Gardner said. “I want to broadcast their [the students] other talents.”

Overall, the producers just want the student to enjoy what they do and for the production to be the best that it can possibly be.

“My expectation is Broadway and nothing less,” Gardner said.

Student growth is also seen within this club, as hard work is put into the shows annually.

“I want to see students having fun showing off their hard work,” McKendree said. “We will get out of the production what we put in, and I feel certain that Grease will be amazing because our students are amazing and are capable of so much!”