BC Schools amend calendar, students to make up two days; graduation date changes

By Rachel Sergent

During this month’s meeting of the Barren County Board of Education, two items of interest were discussed. These two items were the changes made to the 2018-2019 school calendar and the idea of renovating the sidewalk that leads from Barren County High School to the Barren County Area Technology Center.

As school was cancelled in order for students to support the Trojanettes at the state tournament, these two days must be made up in some way. While the idea was discussed that the two days could be May 20 and 21, it was ultimately decided that the days that would be in school days would be March 29 and May 20.

This decision was made due to the complications of May 21 being a primary election day. If this were an in school day, the poll at Eastern Elementary would have to be relocated and the schools would have to allow each teacher four hours out of the day to leave and vote.

The amendment to the calendar ultimately causes this year’s graduation to fall on Monday, May 20. Baccalaureate would be the Sunday before graduation, meaning it falls on May 19.

The two contract days for teachers that must be made up will most likely be on the Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22 following Monday, May 20, with time allowed for teachers to vote on election day.

Closing day will therefore fall on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

As for student commuters, one of the main problems faced when walking to and from the high school or the ATC building is the sidewalk being too narrow and the lack of cover from the rain. The board discussed potentially covering and widening the sidewalk.

“We are looking into the pricing of covering the sidewalk,” Superintendent Bo Matthews said. “The shuttles that run on rainy days are helpful, but we are looking for a more permanent solution.”

It has not yet decided if the change to the sidewalk will occur or what the time frame will be.