BCHS Alumnus Works for Beshear Campaign

As October comes to a close, November rides up with the scent of pumpkin pie and fallen leaves. Along with the fall festivities comes an important day: Election Day. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Kentuckians from Paducah to Pikeville will gather at their corresponding polling locations to exercise their right to vote. This year the gubernatorial race is taking place. As incumbent Matt Bevin and his opponent Andy Beshear compete to be the Kentucky State Governor for the next four years, Grace Lowe, 2019 graduate, works tirelessly on the Beshear campaign.

Lowe now attends Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green and is majoring in Political Science. She started as an intern at the Democratic Office in Bowling Green, along with several other college interns, after seeing an application online. After submitting the application, the director of the office, Cody Pruitt, sent an email to set up the interview.

“I went in to discuss my experience, and he told me he would love to have me. Then I was an intern,” Lowe said of the interview process.

Her past experience includes working for State Representative candidate, LaToya Drake. The responsibilities of working on this campaign included canvassing, phone banking and helping with events. Lowe took interest in the internship for Beshear because of her own political beliefs and drive to be a volunteer.

“I wanted to be involved because this election is really important. Four more years of Bevin will be extremely detrimental to our state. I am also pursuing a career in politics and wanted to start making connections in Bowling Green to get a field organizing job in 2020,” Lowe said.

But she didn’t have to wait until 2020 to be hired as a field organizer. She was recently promoted to the title of Deputy Field Organizer, which raises the required hours per week from ten to twenty. The four days before and including the election will be especially busy for her as she works full days and balances college classes.

“It may not seem like much, but putting that with first semester at Western [Kentucky University] has been a bit hectic,” Lowe said.

The opportunity to work for this campaign has had its benefits for Lowe. It has improved her resume and chances for working on another campaign. She is also getting credit for class relating to the political science major and making many political connections across Bowling Green and Kentucky.

“My favorite part would be when I have a productive conversation with someone about the issues where they really tell me what’s important to them rather than yelling at me about Trump or Pelosi,” Lowe said.

Lowe also enjoys the benefits campaigning has on the community.

“It is beneficial for the community because we remind people to vote and can help them register or find their polling locations,” Lowe said.

The interns and workers at the Bowling Green Regional Field Office, located at 400 E. Main Ave., Suite 300, also try to educate voters about key issues about which they are undecided.

Lowe also encourages others, especially teens and young adults, to get involved in elections at any level.

“It’s your civic duty to be educated in politics, especially on the local level. Also canvassing helps you learn the layout of a new town if you’re in college,” Lowe said.

The Bowling Green Democratic Regional Field Office can be found on Facebook where their contact information is listed.

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