BCHS Cross Country Coach Terry Reed Impacts Community

A man that has succeeded by winning many awards in his lifetime and loves to help other individuals, Terry Reed has helped BCHS in more ways than one. Reed held many positions in the school, such as teaching and coaching. Reed has always had a love for coaching. He is now an assistant coach for the cross country team, as well as helping with track and field. Reed was previously a head coach for the girls Cross Country team.

“I have been coaching for 47 years, and this was the first year that I haven’t been a head coach in girl’s cross country,” Reed said.

Reed began teaching in the Barren District over 40 years ago, at Hiseville and later transferred at BCHS.

“I came over at Barren County around 1977 or 1978. Hiseville transformed itself into Barren County High School at the time,” Reed said.

“I am very grateful for others, and that includes many of the people that helped me,” Reed said.

Reed attributes his positive attitude to the people he has surrounded himself with.

“The wonderful students and athletes that I’ve been around are always upbeat. It seems like they want to excel,” Reed said. “When I see somebody who wants to excel it just gives [me] energy to join in and help them excel.”

Catherine Beals, the current head coach of the cross country team, said, “Reed is a very kind individual and is compassionate on what he does.”  

Beals has been working with him for some time now, and she considers him a mentor. 

“Working with Coach Reed is a joy. I was one of his runners, and now [I am] able to coach beside him.” Beals said, “I am still learning so much from him every single day. I try to hang onto that wisdom that he has and utilize it in my own way as I coach.”

Reed will receive the “Spirit of the Barren Award”. He is extremely thankful to be given this award.

There will be an award ceremony on Nov. 11 recognizing Terry Reed with the Spirit of the Barren Award.