BCHS Prom 2019: Making Memories

Barren County High School’s prom is on May 4, but this year the theme will be unlike any previous to it.

Based on Netflix’s original movie, The Kissing Booth, the theme of prom for the 2019 school year is titled Memories. In the popular teen romantic comedy, their prom consisted of photos of the students from their school year.

“We’re going with a lot of class and elegance. We’re also trying to get photos of every junior and senior to be hung up during prom,” Lauren Harris, veteran prom coordinator and teacher, said.

By collecting photos of the students, they can all feel involved in the creation of prom. They’ll also be seeing their memories displayed before them.

Part of the reasoning for the theme this year is to have something students can better relate to.

“This year’s theme connects more to the students, since everyone has seen The Kissing Booth. In past years it’s just been themes that we can’t really connect to,” Jayce Doyle, senior and prom committee member, said.

Students have been highly receptive to the fresh idea as it is something familiar to them.

“Everyone thinks it’s really cool we’re recreating a movie that they know,” Haley Todd, junior and prom committee member, said.

Besides just knowing the movie, the students are still able to see themselves incorporated into the theme with photos of themselves and their peers that will be shown at prom.

“Every other year it’s just a theme and it involved only getting decorations to fit it, but this year the students are the theme,” Todd said.

The committee is also doing its best to incorporate every student as well, so that the theme truly does apply to everyone.

“We want everyone to have the chance to be seen and feel important,” Doyle said.

The theme will not just incorporate old memories, but also the hopes for new ones to be made.

“I hope everyone has a fun and enjoyable evening and are able to make those new memories with their classmates,” Harris said.

Despite prom being stressful, its coordinators continue because of the rewarding product. This year however, that reward will be given to all the students through the theme of Memories.

“I’m looking back on my year and everything we accomplished. It’s going to show people what all we have done in just a year,” Todd said.

Doyle leaves the final advice as a four-year prom-goer:

“Have fun and don’t get too caught in the moment.”

For those wishing to attend the 2019 Memories prom, tickets will be available in the Barren County High School gym during lunch until Wednesday, May 1.