BCHS SBDM Council Holds Aug. Meeting

Barren County High School Site Based Decision Making Council held its monthly meeting on Aug. 13 at Trojan Academy Media Center.

Teresa Bewley, a representative for the BCHS cheerleader team, presented before the council a motion to hold a “Fall Formal” in the BCHS gymnasium on Nov. 3. Pending site base approval, more information will be released at the Sept. meeting.

This was the first reading for the dance.

Council member John Doyle reviews a proposed “rules sheet” for the Fall Formal which was proposed Monday afternoon for later in the year.

The council also reviewed the progress of the current school year.

Interapt Skills, a new computer class, began Monday. The class teaches students how to code and gives students who are not involved in other pathways a chance to excel.  

“This is a class for kids who may not be involved in engineering or Biomed or anything else,” Johnson said.

Students will spend three-fourths of their day in the class this semester.


Chairperson Brad Johnson describes the first day of school and implications for new provisions on campus such as an extended passing period and umbrella stands.

Other students are traveling this semester, rain or shine. On the first day of school last Wednesday, rain fell as students made their way to the CTE building, something Johnson said school officials were not expecting.

“It was a mess,” Johnson said. “It happened at the most inconvenient time.”

Johnson said that the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has donated 200 umbrellas to BCHS which will be used to set up umbrella stands where students may pick up and drop off umbrellas at each building on campus.

With the larger campus, Johnson said the expectation is similar to a college campus.

“Its been a learning process,” Johnson said. “We also have two permanent buses that stay on campus to transport students.”

The rain, among other issues, is changing the atmosphere and school day. Time has been an issue for many students. An extra minute will be added during the passing period to facilitate movement to class. The revised passing period is six minutes and is set to begin Aug. 14.

In an effort to meet students’ needs from “care boxes” to the newest addition, the Trojan Quickstop store, Johnson said reaching out to students has been a good thing.

Council member Kelley Ross listens as Johnson shares an update on the athletic programs at BCHS.

“We served over 20 students last week,” Johnson said. “We had 30 on Friday.”

The store, free to students, has food and clothing.

The store is set up with an atmosphere to invite students in. Stocked with a lounge area, students may go in and have coffee.

Johnson said students would also be selected for “student of the month” beginning in Sept.. Staff will also be chosen for “staff member of the month.”

BCHS SBDM council will convene next on Sept. 10.