BCHS SBDM holds Sept. meeting, approves Fall Formal

The BCHS Site Based Decision Making Council met Monday, Sept. 17 at the Trojan Academy Media Center.

Isaac Shakelford, a representative from the JROTC program, was present to discuss the seventh annual Military Ball. They are currently trying to reduce the price. The ball will be held on March 16, 2019, at the Cave City Convention Center from 5:30 to 11:00 p.m.

“Right now the total is $3,000, making it $25 a person,” Shakelford said. “We are working to make it $10.”

More information will follow at the next meeting.

The BCHS Fall Formal was also discussed. This was the second reading.

John Doyle sets his daughter’s backpack on the table as he explains the weight of the backpack. Doyle removed folders, binders and books from the bag to demonstrate the weight. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.

The council approved the dance to be held on Nov. 3.

Other topics discussed included backpacks and student travel.

John Doyle, council member, mentioned the struggles students go through to get to class with the weight they carry.

“When you add up all this stuff [books and binders],” Doyle said, “The weight is ridiculous.”

Johnson said this is one of many issues he faces this year.

“We have students who are traveling from one building to the next,” Johnson said, “To kids who are going next door.”

Johnson said he carries students’ bags to the office when parents have called to get work or students are sick and unable to carry them.

“It’s like carrying three bowling balls,”Johnson commented.

Doyle also talked about how there is no time for students to stop at their lockers.

With this discussion, Doyle mentioned how students are including too many books and binders in their bags.

Council members, from left, Kelley Ross, Keri Mosier and Lori Crowe listen as John Doyle describes backpack struggles his daughter faces. Doyle called for fewer books and more incorporation of technology. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.

“Some students are required to take [the book] home and bring it to class,” Doyle explained. “I believe we should go electronic.”


Brandy Pendygraft, council secretary shared this view. She said her children suffer the same problem.

“You can only have so many two-inch binders in a bag,” Pendygraft mentioned. “It’s a problem.”

While on the discussion of students, the pep rally from Sept. 14 was mentioned.

“I think the pep rally went well,” Keri Mosier said. “Everyone was involved and there was no downtime.”

In the good news report, students-of-the-month were recognized.

Winners from the state fair included sophomores Tristann Burks, Abigael Sexton, Allie Mutter and Austin Martin.

The BCHS SBDM council will have their next monthly meeting on Oct. 8.