BCHS SBDM holds Sept.Meeting

By: Diego Perez

The Barren County High School SITE Base Committee held a meeting after school in the Trojan Academy Media Center Sept. 28. The main goal was to discuss what the next school weeks will look like after fall break as well as report how the school academic and extracurricular groups were compared to the rest of the state.

The first topic was about Fall Formal. They decided to make copies of the rules and regulations of the dance, which will be handed out when students pay for their tickets. Tickets are $40 for a couple and $30 for a single goer. A photo ID will be required (freshman can print off an ID from Infinite Campus). Also, students will have to sign, agreeing that they read the rules and regulations of the dance. S&N Photography, a local photography business in the Cave City area was also discussed because a deal could be made for students taking pictures and S&N gaining a profit. More info will be given Sept. 29 during WIN.

Reports over the school are very favorable. Sports have done well as many individual players placed in competitions. The band and chorus were also commended for their awards and honors. A pep rally will be after fall break for all of the groups that have done well. The date was not decided for the pep rally.

Barren County’s end-of-course (EOC) exams, compared to the state’s average, are very good. Score reports state that there are a low number of novices and a high number of proficient and distinguished across the board.

The On-Demand test results were below the state average and the SITE Base Committee has brought up the idea of several teachers bringing their own skills to help improve the students’ writing. Principal Brad Johnson has discussed the idea with English Department Head Kelley Ross.

Last year, the graduation rate was 95 percent, six percent higher than the state average of 89 percent.

The new SBDM budget was discussed as well. The current budget for the fiscal year is $162,000.

Trojan Academy students and staff were commended for their donations of rebuilding supplies such as: nails, paint, towels, etc., for Hurricane Harvey victims. To increase the donations, Trojan Academy made a competition by seeing which first period could donate the most supplies.

Since the rescheduling of Homecoming, SBDM members have decided to have another Homecoming Week (or Spirit Week) after fall break. The date is not yet decided.

All other discussions were held in closed session. Further developments may occur.

The next meeting will be held Oct. 23. The date and time were not discussed.