BCHS Students Compete in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge

Samsung is celebrating their 10th year of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Working in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow (SFT) is a very complex event to compete in. This is a nationwide contest in which teachers and students work together to create a way to improve their local community. This is a beneficial contest which helps build interest and proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Justin Browning, a teacher at BCHS, is working with seniors DJ Dillon and Olivia Crowe along with Zach Shearer, a BCSkills student. They have created an app called ThriveAB for women in rural communities who deal with Postpartum Depression(PPD). This app includes a personal tracker which includes the Edinburgh scale. The Edinburgh scale is a questionnaire which is made for women to help identify if they have PPD. 

Their app is connected with therapists who are available to help women who have reached a dangerous level on the Edinburgh scale. The team has also paired up with digital conversationalists from Fifth Dimension Strategies, this is a great way for women to discuss their PPD with specialists in their own home through a bot. Their app includes a communication platform for mothers to discuss their experiences and other items together, there are also videos included with the app to help support the women with PPD. 

Because of their app’s successful potential they have placed in the top 300 out of about 2,100 applicants. Their app has advanced from the first round and by the opinions of the faculty at BCHS, the group has a good chance of advancing to the second round. Amy Iwrin, principal of BCHS, expresses how she believes the team will do based on their strong workmanship.

“They’ve worked really hard on this app,” Irwin said. “I think they have a really good chance of advancing to the next round.”

The members of the group have experienced a great amount of personal growth by working together to create an app to help with PPD. DJ Dillion is glad to have the opportunity to help bring light upon what PPD is because it isn’t a topic that is addressed as much as it should be. She explains how this contest has created an affect on her and other members within their team.

“It’s changed mine and Olivia’s outlook that we can make something that one day can benefit people in our community and potentially people from other communities,” Dillion said.

Olivia Crowe added that the creation of their app has helped build the relationships of her team members and of the people that her team has worked with. 

“This app has strengthened mine and DJ’s friendship and given us an experience to reflect back on in years to come,” Crowe said. “This project has also allowed us to meet with a wide variety of people in all aspects of education, technology, and medicine. The meetings of all of these people are definitely something neither of us could forget.”

If the team places in the top 100 applicants then they will advance to the next round. In this competition the teams who advance to the next round will receive a $15,000 prize package and video kit. The results for the second round will be announced on Dec. 22 with the second round following on Dec. 23. The second round will continue from the Dec. 23 through Feb. 20.