BCHS: We’ve got Talent!

This year, Barren County High School Principal Brad Johnson has answered the requests of many students at the school with the announcement of a talent show. The show is set to take place Friday, December 15 in the BCHS Gym with all students in attendance.


Johnson gave the go to the director of the talent show Glenda Gardner to begin planning the one hour event as a spectacular before students leave for Christmas break.


Johnson explains why this was the year he decided to finally have a talent show.


“I think we’ve had a good semester; I think it’s a good reward for the kids, for the good work that we’ve done. We can send them off for Christmas in a good mood.”


Years before, students have requested talent shows and some did take place.


“I have had several students reach out to me wanting to do it, and I know we have a lot of talented students.”


Now that it’s happening, the entire school has been buzzing about it.


“I think everybody’s excited,” Johnson states in reply to his perspective on everyone’s feelings on the show.


Gardner shares what kind of planning has went into the show, working around the one hour time constraint:


“I had students come in and basically sign up to be a part of the talent show, and they listed what they wanted to do, [and] what their talent was. From there, they either had to audition in front of me personally, or send me a video.”


The show is planning to be professional, displaying talent, but also creating an overall fun environment for those performing and attending. A wide variety of talent will be there, which Gardner says should captivate the students.


“We wanted to see a variety of talent, and we wanted above average talent. But it’s not your typical talent show in that we wanted these over-the-top vocals and this unbelievable talent. It’s really an entertainment purpose.”


Gardner went on to list some of the performances to be at the show.


“We have obviously vocal performance. We have a student that is going to play the piano. We have a student that is going to be a card trick, which is really good, and also a student that is going to be doing a yo-yo.”


There will be three judges at the event, and prizes will be awarded to the best acts. Gardner says that if this show goes well, it could lead to a future of more talent shows and displays of student entertainment at BCHS.