I know you’ve heard of smoking cigarettes, but now we see that’s nasty and so uncool. Now you can try new “Vaping”! It’s the same concept of smoking cigarettes without the nasty smell and stigma attached to it.  I know high school is hard, but it’s easier when you fitContinue Reading

After 16,380 hours of indentured servitude, you are everything but free. There are many avenues that you can take after graduation. College. Trade or technical school.  And getting a full-time job are a few of the most common Continuing your education is greatly encouraged throughout your primary and secondary schoolContinue Reading

There sits a familiar home in trees of beautiful warm shades, with the tree’s colors delicately drifting across the landscape. The house gives a warm feeling that is only associated with this time of year, bringing a sense of happiness, drowsiness, and even pangs of hunger. Walking toward it, eachContinue Reading

By: Brooklyn Lile The sound of seventeen pairs of feet slowly, uniformly dragging along the dusty old floors comes to life as the monotone bell rings, compelling students to enter the dimly lit classroom. White walls that have turned almost yellow with age contrast the deep brown desks that areContinue Reading

By: Joseph Clardy   The night was alive with the dancing of flames. They cast a warm light over the two figures that sat around it – a boy and his grandmother. The boy was worried. His grandmother had just told his parents to return to the house. She wishedContinue Reading