By: Joseph Clardy     Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s iconic mystery novel Murder on the Orient Express hit the big screen on Nov. 10, and this reviewer found it to be a phenomenal cinematic experience that stayed loyal to its source material. The film had high expectations toContinue Reading

By: Brooklyn Lile   My heart drops. There’s no way this is Greg. My Greg.   “What’s wrong, Amy? What are you looking at?” Arden questions as she slowly walks up to me. She gasps as she spots the victim lying on the floor.   “What the heck! Is thatContinue Reading

The seasonal aisle of Walmart is filled with a variety of candies. “Monster Mash” can be heard playing in the distance. Spooky decorations can be spotted on every street. It’s that time of year again: Halloween.   Halloween is known for many things: carving pumpkins, eating loads of candy, terrifyingContinue Reading