February Playlist

By: Madeline Williams

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, no one can deny that love is in the air. There are those of us who embrace the celebration of happy couples, and those of us who would rather make like Punxsutawney Phil and crawl down a hole in the ground. Nonetheless, the music will continue to play; this February Playlist is one that you won’t want to miss out on during the month of love, or, for some, aggravation.

1. Love Song – Sara Bareilles: Although the title of this song is “Love Song,” it is meant to be the complete opposite. This is a song for pushy or rude past girlfriends or boyfriends that did not deserve to stick around anyways. Bareilles makes it clear in her 2007 hit that if someone is going to give ultimatums, be rude, or threaten to leave, then they don’t deserve a love song. Use this song to remember this Valentine’s Day to make sure you’re happy and that your loved one actually deserves a love song.

2. Your Song – Elton John: Elton John’s timeless “Your Song” was first published in 1970, but its tune has yet to disappear from the hearts of thousands. The lyrics speak to the listener personally, talking about loving them and all their attributes. This love song is the perfect song to play for the one you have a crush on and is an amazing way to admit your feelings for someone if you are not to be able to find the words. No other song would be better than this to win over your valentine this Valentine’s Day. 
3. The Only Exception – Paramore: Almost everyone has experienced heartbreak, be it second hand from a friend or family member, or first hand, and has sworn the idea of love away; however, this song instills the hope of rediscovering love in almost every listener. The lyrics of Paramore’s “The Only Exception” hold extreme emotion, speaking about a person rethinking their definition of love based on their relationship with another. With the acoustic touch in this song, and the emotions being emitted by Paramore’s lead singer Haley Williams, this song is a must-play for anyone. 
4. Daydreamer – Adele: From Adele’s album 19, “Daydreamer” is a song that will light up your heart in unexplainable ways. Written from an admirer’s point of view, Adele sings about someone who seems to be of her dreams, which is how most of us are feeling about our valentines this February. The instrumentals of this song are subtle and easy going, while the raps in Adele’s voice can be felt in everyone’s bones; “Daydreamer” is an amazing, long song to help describe the one you love
5. Reminiscing – Little River Band: Although new love is in the air, this retro song reminds us of old love; Little River Band’s “Reminiscing” talks about looking back in the past on an old love that has long-been almost- forgotten. It tells the tale of a night of dancing and love at first sight, which sets the mood for February and Valentine’s Day. The core 70s rhythm would spark a fire in the heart of any retro hopeless romantic.

6. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele: A more vengeful song from Adele, published in her album 
25, this song is written for those who are not so excited about Valentine’s Day this year. Whether your crush has chosen someone else or your ex that you aren’t quite over has moved on to someone else, this is the perfect song if you’re looking to kill ‘em with kindness, and a little bit of sarcasm. This song speaks to Adele’s ex about the other woman that he has moved on with, sarcastically sending good wishes to them, knowing that their fate will be the same as Adele’s. If you’ve had a recent breakup, or are still bitter concerning an old one, this song is the one that will more than likely catch your ear this February. 
7. Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles: This song serves as a friendly reminder that love has no price or value. Although it can be hard to ignore the ginormous $80 teddy bears at the store, or the delicious-looking chocolates lining the shelves, none of these gifts can measure up to the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Remember this February that love has no price, and should be celebrated freely!
8. She’s Always a Woman – Billy Joel: Another timeless classic is Billy Joel’s “She’s Always Woman;” an extremely romantic song written about someone he shows he admired very much. The mood of this song is lovely and has every aspect of a romantic song that one could wish. The slowness of the song only adds to the romantic effect it has on the listener. Joel’s emotions shine through his lyrics and tone throughout the song, making it an amazing way to let your loved one listen to this Valentine’s Day.   
9. Gimme All Your Love – Alabama Shakes: An almost perfectly written and played song; Alabama Shakes’ “Gimme All Your Love” has a beautiful rhythm and compelling lyrics that could make anyone’s heart and ears melt this Valentine’s Day. The emotion it brings forth in the listener is extraordinary and would win over any audience within the first few beats of the song. As passionate as it is serious, this song is a go-to for anyone looking to set a romantic mood this Valentine’s Day. 
10. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee: Along with all of the romance this February, there is also, ironically, a lot of heartbreak. This collaboration by Elton John and Kiki Dee can be seen from a man and a woman’s point of view, being relatable to anyone who is afraid of losing the one they love. The upbeat bop is one any person can sing along to and is a message everyone with a significant other is sending out this February!