Freshmen Focus Day 2017

Freshmen science teacher Ken Cook briefs a group of his incoming students. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Cook briefs a group of his incoming students. (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Freshmen health teacher Scott Gillon motions toward the main building of BCHS as he speaks with his first health class of the 2017/2018 school year. (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Freshmen literacy teacher Katie Keating encourages her students to be positive and to have an open mind as they embark on their first year as a high schooler. (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Keating leisurely stands against her podium while listening to a student’s comment about her class. (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Students wait patiently as fellow freshmen arrive to Keating’s class during the “mock school day.” (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Students listen closely as freshmen math teacher Tina Muse showcases an object relevant to the year ahead. (Photo: Kaity Martin)
Freshmen counselor Nicole Jones instructs freshmen to look at their schedules as she explains a portion of the schedule to them. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Trojan Academy Principal Daryl Murphy speaks with freshmen about the year ahead at Trojan Academy and Barren County High School. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Murphy further explains his history as an assistant principal at BCHS and now as Trojan Academy’s principal. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Murphy admits to freshmen that Trojan Academy is a great school and that they are “going to love it.” (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Murphy speaks at a parent meeting in the BCHS auditorium Thursday. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Parents listen to Murphy as he explains information relevant to the freshmen class. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Freshmen catch up with friends at Trojan Academy prior to Focus Day. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Anxious freshmen wait until Focus Day begins to hear from Murphy about their first year of high school. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Many from the BCHS class of 2021 congregate at Trojan Academy while waiting for Focus Day to begin. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Freshmen fill the Trojan Academy hall area as they search for their classes. (Photo: Kaity Martin)

Schedules in hand, freshmen search Trojan Academy as they experience what a normal day feels like during the “mock school day.” (Photo: Kaity Martin)