Getting pumped for The New Hue

Three Barren County High students are hoping to make it big one day.

The New Hue, a band created by three BCHS students, performed at The Front Porch pub and coffee shop Tuesday night.

Kyle Rannells, Kody Sanders and Jacob Smith began playing together in eighth grade. Now, the three are booking gigs, writing songs, and creating a name for themselves.

Sanders sings an original entitled “Day After Day.” The group focuses on writing music related to teenage life. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.

Subsequently, adapting to the band life hasn’t been easy.

“We lose a lot of sleep, hurt our fingers, and get blisters,” Sanders said as he laughed. “A lot.”

Ron Rannells, Kyle’s father, said the boys weren’t the only ones to adapt to this hectic lifestyle.

“My entire living room [has had] all of the furniture moved out of it, and it’s turned into a studio,” Ron jokingly said. “I’ve lost a lot of sleep over it.”

The New Hue doesn’t rehearse every day, but they try to play together often.

The band has been working on an EP set to release soon. The three have chosen to overdub their EP, requiring that they edit and paste their vocals on the album. This process has extended the release date for the EP, but the group wanted to be genuine. Sanders said he has taken responsibility for doing this.

Sanders uses a juice bottle to make a homemade slide. Sanders popularly uses other items to influence his guitar’s sound such as a slide or bow. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.


“We had options to record at local studios,” Sanders said. “We felt like we needed to do it by ourselves because it would be cooler.”

The band revealed two songs on the EP at Tuesday’s concert: “Day After Day” and “Kushii Maya.”

“I find it a bit audacious to show up your first time playing at a place and play an original,” Sanders said. “But, they’re catchy.”

According to Sanders, lyricist, The New Hue writes music related to young life. “Day After Day” is about a teenage breakup.

According to Ron, the band’s motive is to promote a new shade of music: songs related to young people. New music types are something Keith Hurt, owner and operator of The Front Porch, looks for.

“Good music is music that is played well,” Hurt said. “We’ll see if they do good tonight, and if so they will start coming back like on Thursdays.”

A closer image of Sanders’ homemade slide made from a juice bottle.
Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.

According to Hurt, he tries to welcome all artists on Tuesdays. Hurt knew Kyle from past gigs he played with local artist Colton Kise. Kyle, percussionist and manager, organized The New Hue’s appearance at The Front Porch.


“I’d like to see them grow here,” Hurt said. “Not only as kids, but as players that can say this is where they started.”

The group hasn’t always performed in public. The New Hue performed at the BCHS talent show last year. Sanders said they saw an increase in their social media follows and students cheered them on.

Kyle Rannells, percussionist, plays drums Tuesday. Rannells plays other instruments like the keyboard and Cajon. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.


“It was like, ‘you guys are pretty cool,’” Sanders said.

Until posting on social media about Tuesday’s concert, the group had not been active online. The group placed posters around BCHS to announce their concert. Some students decided to attend.

Brooke Honeycutt and Richie Stines, students, came to hear the band play. The two have been friends with Smith since elementary school and have known Kyle and Sanders since middle school.

Jacob Smith, bass player and backup vocals, plays a song at Tuesday’s concert.
Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.

“I love it,” Honeycutt said. “I’m very pumped.”


Honeycutt and Stines were excited to see their friends displaying their talent. According to Stines, “they’ve practiced so much,” allowing them to display their band to the community.

Other students were present along with locals who frequent The Front Porch.

Brandie Button, a local music enthusiast, frequents The Front Porch. Button said she has loved music from a young age, but could not experience live music unless she traveled.

Kody Sanders, lead vocalist, laughs as he interacts with the crowd at the concert. Sanders also writes and overdubs the band’s music. Brennan Crain/ The Trojan Times.


“I either had to go to Louisville or Tennessee to see anyone perform,” Button said.

Button said she likes The Front Porch because of its proximity to her. According to Button, this is also a place she can bring her family.

“It’s great being able to have a place to bring my kids,” Button said. “I’m interested to see the young talent.”

The band said community support is their motivation to perform.

“It means everything,” Sanders said. “This wouldn’t mean anything without their support.”

The New Hue will perform at The Front Porch on Sept. 27.

The Front Porch is located at 1004 Mammoth Cave road in Cave City, KY.

The New Hue can be found at the handle @the_newhue on Instagram and Twitter.