Going Down Under: BCHS Travel Club gears up for its 2021 Australia trip

The Travel Club had its first meeting with its new members on Sept. 28. A few items were discussed such as the club’s student officers, current fundraisers to cover costs for the 2019 Europe trip, future guest speakers and the next trip the club is planning for the summer of 2021.

The “Journey Down Under” trip will be a two-week journey to Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. The trip will begin on July 7, 2021.

A meeting is planned for Oct. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Barren County High School library to discuss the details of the trip. Details for adults or parents with children wanting to attend will also be discussed. The trip has been announced in advance to allow sufficient time for people to make payments. This exact price has yet to be disclosed but will be announced at the previously mentioned meeting.

Multiple methods of paying for the trip will be available. People can pay monthly payments or lump payments. Students also have the opportunity to take donations from people by sending a donator a link to an account that is used to pay, and show the expenses of the trip they are enrolled in.

Similar to the Europe trip, those that go do not have to attend BCHS or work there. Adults that go must get a background check, and then can be eligible to go.

There is a small difference between the cost of a student attending and an adult. For the Europe trip, the adult expense is $600 to $700 more.

Enrollment for the “Europe at Leisure” tour is still open. Those who go will get to experience England, France, Switzerland and Italy, totaling 15 days. The trip is set to start June 24, 2019.
The club is currently looking for sponsors. Anyone that wishes to help the Travel Club by donating or sponsoring can contact Jessica Dyer or Stephanie Esters.