Grice Achieves National Board Certification

Barren County High School — The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is an organization that promotes exemplary teaching and issues certifications to teachers who complete their rigorous standards. This organization is dedicated to making classrooms a more effective learning environment. Recently, Barren County High School’s own Rosemarie Grice received this prestigious certification. This makes the total count of National Board teachers at Barren County High School to be four, the other recipients being Jessica Dyer, Kelley Ross, and Faith Kise.
Acquiring this certification is no easy task. Grice recounts that there are four components that an applicant has to pass. This can take anywhere from three to five years. Grice finished it in three.
“I considered getting this certification many years ago, but it was not convenient. When it was convenient, they [NBPTS] had changed it from having to complete it in one year to three, so that made it easier [to complete the requirements in an appropriate time frame, rather than completing them all in one short year], Grice mentions.
Grice helps Junior Annabelle Botts with a writing assignment.

The four components include a test with multiple choice questions and three essays on the applicant’s content knowledge, a portfolio on two students’ progress in class (with student’s permission), a video recording of a class taught by the applicant, and a reflection that evaluates the applicant’s teaching capabilities. These components test a teacher’s ability to evaluate students’ progress, work with other teachers and parents, and display their knowledge in their content area. Each of these sections are weighted differently, which means some are worth more than others.

The certification is rewarding for both students and teachers. To give teachers incentive, Kentucky offers a monetary stipend and a raise in rank for acquiring the certification. For students, it gives a better learning environment.
“I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher and have gotten better at monitoring my students’ progress. This certification has benefitted my students and definitely me,” Grice states.
When asked if she would recommend getting this certification to other teachers, she replied, “Most definitely.”
“This program allows you to build a close relationship with other teachers in your department, administrators, and other National Board Certified teachers. I especially grew close to Kelley Ross, who was my mentor in the process,” Grice reveals. “I go into the classroom with the end goal in mind: the students. I then make steps to get the students there.”
Overall, Grice believes that this certification was worth the effort and will benefit her students for many years to come.