Hit. Run. Repeat: BCHS Softball Hosts Trojanette Camp

Barren County High School Softball players hosted young aspiring Trojanettes Monday as they began the annual Trojanette Camp at the Barren County Softball Field.
Day one of three began early as first through fourth graders arrived to “catch” a glimpse of what being a Trojanette is all about. The camp has been going on for as long as anyone in the BCHS softball community can remember, taking in a lot of youth each year.
“We have fifteen girls here, which is a real good number,” BCHS Softball Coach Daryl Murphy said.
A student at Trojanette softball camp stares at a softball thrown
to her by Trojanette coach Lauren Harris. Students were playing
in the sun with heat indexes nearing the 100s. 
Photo by Brennan Crain/ Editor.
The camp is divided into two age groups, with the younger ages playing during the morning and the older ages in the afternoon. Murphy said the older age group is typically more populated than the younger group.
“Typically we’ve had about 30 in the past for that, so we’re looking for about that same amount this year,” Murphy said.
The girls attending the camp are mentored by players and interact with them as coaches. The “coaches,” assigned to a particular skill station, cycle through each of the girls allowing them to get a feel of coaching while the students gain insight from the players.
Each skill station varied from hitting to running bases. Murphy said students were learning the fundamentals of softball.
“The three areas that we really want to concentrate on is hitting, fielding and throwing. Those are your areas that kids use all across,” Murphy said. “There are a whole lot of different areas, but for this age group [first through fourth grade] those are the three areas that we really want to concentrate on.”
Jakylie Green runs to first base after hitting a softball into the
outfield during a batting practice with Coach Lauren Harris. 
Photo by Brennan Crain/ Editor.
Before the summer camp, the Trojanettes hosted “Future Trojanette Night,” an event Murphy introduced when he came to BCHS. The event is a home varsity game that offers youth an opportunity to watch and play with the Trojanette team. Murphy said that many of the girls that attended that night have shown up again, where they furthered their knowledge of the game.
“A lot of these girls that were at Future Trojanette Night now come back to our camp,” Murphy said. “It’s just a matter of making a connection with them and saying ‘hey, you’re in the third grade, but before you know it you’ll be a freshman or a middle schooler and we want you to be a part of our bigger program.’”
Marley Russell, a rising fourth grade student at Eastern Elementary, said she’s been involved in softball for a while.
“I’ve played softball for so long, longer than I’ve played any other sport and it’s become like a big deal,” Russell said, “you have to want it.”
Kynlee Sentle instructs Erin Bilbrey on correct hand placement
on her bat. Students were given the opportunity to practice their
batting while at the Trojanette camp.
Photo by Brennan Crain/ Editor.
Russell said she plays a lot and practices softball with her father, a former baseball player, who has instilled a love of softball within his daughter. Russell said her favorite task is hitting, but she also enjoys other parts of the sport.
“I just like the thrill of it, honestly,” Russell said.
The thrill was alive at the camp.
Hit. Run. Repeat.
The girls cycled through the stations where they tried new activities at each.
Station leader Kynlee Sentle was leading a batting practice, something she enjoyed doing.
“I love coaching little kids,” Sentle said. “I used to be at that level so I think it’s pretty great that we have this little program to help them out so they can become a Trojanette like us.”
Students will continue the camp through Wednesday. Awards will be given at the end based on the player who learns and uses the most skills during the camp.
Brennan Crain is the Editor of the Trojan Times. He has served for one year and has served as a BCHS Today anchor, writer and director. He can be reached at brennan.crain@stu.barren.kyschools.us.