“Horror House”: Part Two

By: Brooklyn Lile


My heart drops. There’s no way this is Greg. My Greg.


“What’s wrong, Amy? What are you looking at?” Arden questions as she slowly walks up to me. She gasps as she spots the victim lying on the floor.


“What the heck! Is that Greg?”


I can’t find the words to answer her question; instead, I turn towards the entrance of the third room where I see the man  with the chainsaw previously. The room is very dimly lit but I can identify the hint of an evil smile spread across his face. Jerking his hand, he ignites the chainsaw back to life and begins running towards us.


“C’mon, we have to get out of here!” I scream over the blaring noise.


“But what about Greg? How could we just leave him here?” Arden demands with a small tear falling down her cheek.


Fighting every moral bone in my body, I grab Arden’s hand and start running deeper into room three. The deafening sound of the chainsaw seems to escalate more and more as we venture farther into the room. My mind is moving much too frantically for me to ponder the emptiness of the room; there are no stereotypical clowns jumping out behind closed doors or elaborate details behind any of the rooms.  


My legs are burning from running across the darkness. I can’t tell if it’s just my fear but the room seems as if it will never end. Arden is breathing so heavily I can hear her over the chainsaw, and she begins to slow down.


“Where are we going? Where is room four?” Arden yells looking behind her at the man still chasing us.


I can faintly make out a slight glow in the distance.


“There!” I holler between gasping for air, “That’s probably the opening to the fourth room.”


The combination of the adrenaline flooding my veins and the downright terror of having the same fate as Greg somehow gave new life to my legs as we both began running with every ounce of energy invested in us. As the exit grew closer, I glanced over my shoulder to see the man pursuing us. He was only about twenty feet behind. We had to hurry or he would soon catch up to us.   


“We’re almost there!” Arden says as we enter a tight hallway leading to the door that we hoped opened to the final room. The glow from the fastly approaching door barely lit the hallway, but it is enough for us to see more of our surroundings. I notice large, circular holes spread out along the walls. Before I can begin to consider their purpose, I hear Arden let out an agony filled scream from behind me. Turning around, I cover my mouth with my hand to prevent a scream that might lead to the contents of my stomach escaping. Through two of the holes, long blades have been jammed through the walls and puncture Arden. One went through her neck causing blood to shoot out of her while the other went through her abdomen. Blood is trickling down her slightly open mouth. I start walking towards her when another blade shoots out inches from my face. I can’t organize any of the thoughts running through my head, so I turn and sprint through the hallway towards the door. I’m only inches from the door when I hear the man behind me enter the hallway.


Grabbing the handle, I fling open the door to feel a rush of cool autumn air. I run out of the third room into the woods behind the Horror House. Frantically searching the area, I spot Grayson and Lily escaping out of an exit to my left.


“Guys!” I scream waving my hands. They both glance over to me as I start running towards them remembering the man chasing me. The freezing air fills my lungs with ice as I inhale sharply through each stride.


“Oh my gosh,” Lily says as I finally reach her and Grayson, “are you okay? This Horror House was way too much for me. There were so many people hanging from the ceiling with blood just pouring down their bodies. It looked so real, Amy!”


Before I could explain anything to Lily, the man with the chainsaw broke through the door I had just escaped from.


“Run!” I scream at Grayson and Lily. We  take off into the dark woods with the killer close behind us. There are trees with fallen branches scattered everywhere, and it’s difficult to stay in one path. I glance over at Lily and Grayson who, in a matter of seconds, have already drifted to my left. The man is so close behind me. I can hear his footsteps breaking limbs as he runs.


Trying to prevent myself from running into a tree, I take a sharp right. In doing so, I trip over a branch lying on the ground. My head hits the base of the tree, and I can feel blood trickling down my face. I push myself up and roll over onto my back. Wiping my eyes, I see the man pursuing me. Before I can do anything, he is inches in front of me.


Letting out a faint scream, I close my eyes as the chainsaw comes hurling down onto my chest.