How to Maneuver Trojan Trail Traffic

By: Jansenne Mitchell
Trojan Trail has its fair share of obstacles, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Many drivers struggle with the road that leads to Barren County High School. In order to stay safe and make it to school and back home in a respectable time, follow these simple steps:
To get here in the morning make sure you wake up extra early. The recommended time to leave your house is 5:00, but under no circumstances should you leave later than 5:30. This gives you ample time to face all the obstacles that will greet you bright and early on a school day.
Traffic is just one of the many obstacles students and parents face on their way to school. If you make it past the morning traffic officers and turn into the high school, you are only halfway there. Next comes a rise that has often been compared to the caliber of climbing Mt. Everest. Drivers must maneuver the hill and it’s many speed bumps, or speed mountains.
If you get past the speed bumps, it’s time to put your blindfolds on! Barren County High School was specially built so that the sun blinds drivers as they reach the hill. In order to avoid the screeching pain of the sun, many drivers opt to put blindfolds to block out the sun. This precaution aids the safety of drivers by preventing retina damage.
If you are lucky, you have parked your car by 7:52. Now the real test begins: dodging other student drivers as they attempt to park. Each morning, BCHS students can be spotted running to their first period class and narrowly avoiding the wrath of an oncoming car. The lucky ones make it inside, but there are always many who are not so fortunate. They are swiftly picked up by a street cleaner that sweeps the BC parking lots.
Just because you arrived does not mean all the troubles are over. The afternoon is an entirely different arena. When the 3:00 bell rings, students dash to their cars to make it down the hill and off of Trojan Trail. Many of the same obstacles are faced, but there are new ones.
Drivers need to always keep in mind the construction that is going on at the bottom of the hill. Be prepared for water, dirt, nails, or a slew of other objects to come your way. Make sure you leave plenty of room for any construction equipment that will move in and out of the construction area at any given time. And, of course, avoid any potholes that they leave behind.
This leaves you with the final test: the middle school traffic director. This officer has been directing traffic for years, and legends of his wrath are passed on from class to class. Make one wrong move and he will chew you out for the entire school to see. This is the most stressful part of the trek because if you make one wrong move, you will add an extra 30 minutes to not only your departure time, but everyone else’s. To make sure you avoid his wrath, just follow these simple tips:
1. Do not drive over 5 MPH
2. Do not look him directly in the eye
3. Do not blink while passing him
4. Turn off all music inside your car
5. Place both hands on the wheel
6. Only move when you are absolutely sure it is safe
Congratulations, after this you only have to wait in one more 15 minute line and you have escaped Trojan Trail! I hope these tips come in handy but they are only just that. Use your best judgement when driving and stay safe!