Incoming Sophomores Attend Early College Magnet Introductory Meeting

BCHS Auditorium — Students interested in joining the Barren County High School Early College Magnet School met in the BCHS Auditorium on Thursday afternoon to receive information about the program. The meeting was led by Mrs. Letitia Hughes, the Magnet School’s Principal, and Mr. Brad Johnson, the High School’s Principal. Hughes encouraged the students in attendance to apply for the program, citing impressive statistics from Western Kentucky University stating that, last school year, Magnet School parents cumulatively saved $213,444 in tuition fees since their children took AP classes and passed their exams.
However, Hughes was not the only person to speak on the Magnet School’s behalf. A number of current Magnet students were present to tell their individual stories in relation to the program. Sophomore Carli Clifford spoke about the benefits of being able to go to Mrs. Hughes when in need of help. Then, Sophomore Nathan Hood talked about the difficulty (or lack thereof) of AP classes. Junior Laurel Mays, who moved to Barren County in her Freshman year, talked about her experience with scheduling the right classes for her, and how glad she was to have joined the program. Senior Joseph Clardy described his pleasure at having completed most of his General Education requirements for college already (so that he may dive right into his major following high school), despite having been involved with time-consuming extracurriculars such as Band and Newspaper. Then, Senior Mara Birrell spoke about the number of college credits she had received, and how she was glad to have been able to take a large amount of AP and Dual Credit courses (despite playing two sports and being involved in extracurriculars). Finally, Senior Diego Perez further encouraged the students to join the program by explaining that he would be graduating with around 27 college credits already. Magnet parents also praised the program for the opportunities it has provided their children. Brian Clifford, father of Magnet students Carlee and Nathaniel Clifford, explained that the program was beneficial to all students, even those that may have organizational problems.
Bethany Smith from the Trio Educational Talent Search program briefly spoke at the end of the meeting. She explained to the students in attendance that her organization helps high school students in getting into the colleges they want to get into. You can contact Smith at (270) 745-3270, or her email:, for more information.