Kicking Off a Great Year

Members of BCHS student section pose before the game on Aug. 30.

Friday, Aug. 30 was the first BCHS home football game of the school year. Students from all grade levels attended the game.


“Barren County has the best and probably the largest student section around, and it looks like they are going to fill the stands tonight supporting our team,” said Principal Amy Irwin. 


Right before the game, many students, parents, and other Trojans fans set up beside the softball field to prepare for the game. 


There were multiple canopies pitched in the area, along with people grilling foods like hot dogs or hamburgers. A car was left running to play music for everyone to enjoy, and students were busy painting themselves red, white, and blue to show their support for the boys by matching the USA theme. All of these things together really showcased the high levels of enthusiasm shared by everyone. 


One of the main attractions was the paint station. As soon as it was ready, students began surrounding the table and grabbing whatever they could to get painted up, whether it meant meticulously painting a design onto their face or pouring some paint on their hand and then slapping it onto someone’s leg. 


Seniors Ryleigh Machnev and DJ Dillon paint up before the game.

“I feel like it’s such a pre-game hype for us. The boys are in the locker room getting their heads straight and their minds in the game while we’re all just building the suspense of kick-off. I think it’s fun to participate and it’s just Barren County tradition,” said Lilly Shipley, president of the BCHS Pep Club.


By the time the student section was ready for the game, the sheer amount of anticipation in the air signaled that everyone was ready for the game to begin, so the tailgaters marched over to the stadium to wait for kick-off. 


“It’s important to support each other no matter what the event, and our students have a tremendous level of school spirit, pride, and support for one another! I’m proud of our students and parents for supporting our Trojans tonight, and I know the players and coaches appreciate the great turnout,” Irwin said.


Tailgating will continue before each home game at 5:30 in front of the softball field.