Meet the Trojans Photogallery

Cheerleaders enthusiastically wave their Pom-poms while leading guests in a chant.
BCHS Athletic Booster Club President Amie Hurt.
Hurt enthusiastically describes the night’s events.

School and district employees attend Meet the Trojans. From left: Principal Brad Johnson, Athletic Director Warren Cunningham, Assistant Superintendent Lori Crews, Superintendent Bo Matthews, Director of People Personnel Anthony Frazier, and teacher Steve Chapman.
Parents, grandparents, and others listen as athletes share their name and class.
Students catch up with each other after Meet the Trojans.

Boys and Girls Soccer gather together on the bleachers to join cheerleaders in a chant.

Football and boys soccer players listen as othe rathletes introduce themselves.
Guest speaker and former alumus Kaleb England opens the event by giving current athletes a word of encouragment. 

England steps aside to return the microphone to Hurt. 
Golf Coach Jacob Blair describes Senior Jon Brewington’s success at a recent golf invitational.
Football players prepare to chant as the cheerleaders cheer “T-R-O-J-A-N-S.”

Senior football players introduce themselves.
Cross Country Coach Terry Reed introduces his team and describes what is in store for the upcoming season.

Cross Country members talk amongst themselves as fellow team members introduce themselves.

Senior Cody Graves passes the micrphone to junior Zach Owen after he finishes introducing himself.

Coach Jackson Arnett speaks parents and athletes.
Cheerleading coaches Teresa Bewley and Drew White.
Bewley informs the audience about what is in store for the year regarding cheerleading.
Cheerleaders prepare to begin their famous “Trojans” chant.

Cheerleaders stand as they wait for their time to introduce themselves.
Cheerleaders line up as they each wait to introduce themselves.

Fellow cheerleaders watch as their teammate introduces herself.

Sophomore Kaela Forshee passes the microphone as cheerleaders introduce themselves.

Senior cheerleaders wait to begin cheering as Bewley speaks with Goldsmith.
Senior Matt Goldsmith listens to Bewley as she asks him to lead students in a chant led by cheerleaders.

Goldsmith agrees to lead the chant per Bewley’s request.

Guests at Meet the Trojans.
BCHS Football assistant coaches.
Coach Jackson Arnett describes each assistant coach.
Assistant football coaches listen as Arnett introduces them. 
Johnson dismisses guests and leaves them with a thought of encouragment. “We’re going to paint this town burgundy and gold.”