New Band at BCHS Releases Album

Starting the 2019-20 school year, a new name is making itself heard throughout the halls of Barren County High School: a band known as Check Gas Cap. The band made their break in Barren County during last year’s high school talent show, performing and even playing an encore by the request of the student body. 

Check Gas Cap, composed of seniors Kody Sanders, Jacob Smith, Kyle Rannells, and Reece Taylor, has gained a steady following after releasing their EP, titled “Pilot”, just three weeks ago.  

“It’s a tedious but necessary process,” said Kody Sanders, explaining the making of “Pilot”, “[it] went down to just availability.”

All four members spoke of the struggle to simply get everyone together to record. They were very grateful to finally finish and release their EP, but it came with a lot of stress and long hours as well.

It seems the difficulty of creating “Pilot” has paid off so far, as the boys have become a hit among their peers. The members urged the student body to follow their band on social media platforms, like Instagram and Spotify. A big step for the band was the chance to share their EP across major streaming networks for anyone to access and listen to. This seems to be setting Check Gas Cap apart from your average “garage band.”

“We’re just a random group of kids from Kentucky,” stated Reece Taylor, the band’s guitarist. “We have to make it on our own if we want to make it at all.”

And these boys are doing just that–from writing lyrics, to recording instrumentals, to mixing and producing an album–“Pilot” is hoping to go big on their own accord.

Until then, the staff and student body of Barren County High School will support them in their endeavors. 

In the words of vocalist Kody Sanders, “It’s now, or never.”

Album cover for the album “Pilot”