October SITE Base Meeting

By: Diego Perez


The SITE Base Committee held its October meeting on Oct. 23 in the Trojan Academy Media Center.


The JROTC’s Military Ball was approved.


Business teacher Angela Rush proposed adding a new class to Barren County High School. The class would be called Internet Marketing, and the main goal of the course is to teach good marketing that is solely based on the Internet. The class will also offer a new pathway to business called E-Commerce.


The Committee did discuss that a new wing is being added to the new Area Technology Center that will be used for business classes that are specifically Internet based. Voting on the class was moved to the November meeting to give the Committee time to learn more of the course.


There was talk of a diesel school being added to the corner of the property near the middle school. It was not elaborated on.


The Good News report included rankings in sports such as the girl’s soccer team, band and All-State Choir was also mentioned.


One of the old issues brought up was the On-Demand Writing test. This is the only area where BCHS has more novices than the state. The Committee is asking the English department to visit other departments and guide them on best practice in writing instruction; the state is wanting more cooperation between the schools. One school was supposed to visit BCHS to have guidance on increasing their school scores but with the governor’s budget cuts, they had to cancel.


A concept called structural rounds is going into effect. The concept is basically a team will go around classrooms and see how students are being taught. The team will write down what is happening in the class. The goal is to have more student engagement with each other and more student-led classes rather than only lectures. No teacher’s names will be written down; it will only be pure observance of what the students are doing.


The November meeting was decided to be held Nov. 27.