October Teacher of the Month: Katie Keating

By: Madeline Williams

Katie Keating, the literacy teacher at the Trojan Academy, has been recognized as October’s Teacher of the Month. Not only has she proven to be an outstanding role model for her students, but also she continuously makes the atmosphere of her classroom positive. Her love for her students is evident to all. She teaches her students multiple necessary life skills, such as public speaking, while making the learning environment for her students fun.


“I love for my students to have fun in class and learn,” says Keating.


Keating also says, “If I don’t have fun and enjoy what I’m doing, then my students won’t either.”


Her students couldn’t agree more.  


“Mrs. Keating teaches a lot of the same subjects that other teachers have in the past, but when I leave their class I really didn’t think that I learned as much, and when I leave Mrs. Keating’s class, I have a better understanding of what she taught me,” says current freshman, Hannah Doyle.


She also goes on to explain that, although literacy did not at first seem appealing to her, Keating, “… made it fun and interesting in some way that it will stick into my mind.”


Keating executes her job with joy and enthusiasm, making even a subject that some do not usually enjoy into something that is unforgettable.


“[Keating] lets us work in groups and she tries to make the class not-boring so we can work together,” said Bailey Hammer.


Bailey Hammer enjoys working together in groups and sharing ideas with her classmates. She explains that she loves how Keating allows the students to work in groups often. “[It] keep us awake and on our feet and have a lot of energy.”


Making a learning environment energetic and enjoyable is key to making learning enjoyable, and Keating seems to do this perfectly. Former student Riley Essex also has nothing but nice things to say about Keating. “She is a great teacher with a very open mind,” says Essex, adding that Keating’s class has been one of her favorites she has ever taken.


Essex also states that she took many wonderful things away from the class that she still applies to her life today, saying that she, “learned a lot of social skills and gained the ability to talk in front of people and to have a good attitude no matter what you’re going through and to always be positive.” She uses these skills daily, and says they have improved her quality of life immensely.


Katie Keating, by any standard, is an amazing teacher. From creating a wonderful learning environment for students, to connecting with them and making class enjoyable, Keating successfully teaches her students things that will stay with them for years to come. She is an amazing teacher and role model to her students. She does an awesome job at making school fun and enjoyable.


“I love my job, and I love for my students to have fun in class and learn,” says Keating. Therefore, she has earned the Teacher of the Month title in every aspect there is.