One million and one opportunities: BCHS Club Rush Week

This past week, Barren County High School held its Rush Week, showing off its numerous clubs to its vast student body.

BCHS gives students many opportunities to find different interests through clubs. BCHS recommends each student joins at least one club so that they can expand their school experience beyond just the classroom.

Not every club presented at Rush Week, and more exist outside of the following list. Here are the clubs that were able to talk to The Trojan Times, and what they have to say about themselves.

Academic Team: In Academic Team, students are given the opportunity to compete in their knowledge of different subjects through testing and quick recall, a toss-up game in which opposing schools seek to gain the most points in academic trivia. Students will often go to other schools after school for competitions, and potentially during the school day. The team said that benefits to joining is having fun, developing quick-thinking skills, and gaining a greater enjoyment for knowledge. There is no cost to join, and those interested should see Mrs. Hughes.

Army JROTC: JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is not just for potential military members, but for those who wish to become better leaders and prepare themselves for the world. Their motto is “To motivate young people to become better citizens.” Benefits to joining is gaining life skills for after school and becoming part of what they say is a family. Students who are interested in joining must be in JROTC classes and need to see CSM Geralds or LTC Walker.

Barren Beyond the Bell: Barren Beyond the Bell is not a club, but it still counts as an opportunity for students to join. Students who stay after for any program is technically part of Barren Beyond the Bell. Multiple classes are available, from tutoring to their new fitness club, which all take place at BCHS after school. Benefits to joining is getting free instruction and being part of other programs that aren’t available during the school day.

Best Buddies: A club that revolves around kindness, Best Buddies creates one-to-one friendships between kids with intellectual learning disabilities and those without, so that students can find a friendly face in school. The club said benefits to joining is building unique relationships and having an enjoyable time. Best Buddies is free to join, and those interested should see Mrs. Emberton.

Beta: Students may have already participated in Beta, as it holds high significance in elementary and middle school as well. Based on service and leadership, the organization lets students excel academically and creatively. Competitions are a major part of the club, and BCHS Beta club has a record of attending the national convention almost every year. Benefits to joining is recognition by colleges and students expanding their circles and experiences. To join, a 3.0 GPA and $30 is required. Those that are interested should see Mrs. Dyer or Mrs. Esters.

Broadcasting: Students that join the Broadcasting Club go on BCHS’s radio station, Trojan Radio 88.7 FM. They may also read the school day’s announcements over the intercom, or read the Trojan Report at WCLU. A trip to radio stations around the area is taken every April for those who qualify. Through joining, students may show off their voice or even develop it, along with finding passions in the radio business. For those that are interested, club dues are $25 and should be given to Jay Turner at the top of the gym.

Drama Club: Known for their musical productions in the spring, the Drama Club is for those who are interested in acting, singing, and dancing. The club warns that while productions are a very enjoyable experience, they require a lot of time and work from those involved. Those that join get to
meet new people, broaden their interest in the arts, and find new hobbies through the musical world. Club dues are $20 and should be paid to Glenna Gardner.

FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America is for those who are in the business classes at BCHS, and who want to meet others that are interested in business careers and also become part of a national organization that is oriented toward those careers. Students in FBLA get the opportunity to compete in the region, state, or even national competitions. Club dues are $12 without a shirt or $20 with a shirt, and must be paid to Mrs. Childress or any teacher in the business department.

FCA: The Fellowship of Christian Athletes allows students to safely practice christianity in school, with morning devotionals at 7:40 a.m., Tuesday through Friday, at a different building of BCHS’s campus each day. They also host two events annually: Fields of Faith and Courts for Christ. There is no fee to join and students only need to attend a devotional to become members. For more information, see Mr. Steenbergen.

FCCLA: Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is for students who are currently in or have had a Family and Consumer Science class, and wish to become better leaders and learn more about personal, family, work and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. To join, students must pay $15 to Mrs. Houchens.

FFA: Future Farmers of America is for students who are in an agriculture class and wish to further expand their interests in agriculture. The club is involved in competitions, and through them they learn leadership and speaking skills. Those that are interested in joining must pay $15 to Dr. Moore.

Foreign Language Club: For students who are currently enrolled in or have completed a foreign language class, and wish to further their understanding of different cultures and languages outside of their classroom. Members look forward to celebrations of different national holidays, guest speakers, and finding new interests from around the world. Those interested in joining can attend their annual Ice Cream Social on Sept. 4 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., and bring $5 for club dues. Students can also see Mr. Wood for more information.

Green Team: For students who are passionate about the Earth and wish to become more environmentally friendly, Green Team is responsible for recycling at BCHS and also hosts a campus wide cleanup. Members also get to look forward to a field trip on Earth Day. Those that are interested in joining should see Mrs. Thomas in the Youth Services Center or CSM Geralds.

HOSA: For future health professionals, HOSA allows students to become better leaders, strengthen their academic and technical skills, develop workplace readiness skills, and form a greater understanding of current healthcare issues. Members also participate in competitions and travel to conferences, as far as nation-wide. Those interested in joining must pay $18 to Mrs. Jennifer Smith.

Pep Club: Students who join celebrate and encourage school spirit and are involved in the student section, spirit week, homecoming, and other school celebrations. Pep members raise school spirit and through such meet new people and expand their social circles. Those interested in joining must pay $10 to Mrs. Bewley.

SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions is for those that are passionate about making healthier choices, and helping others learn about potential risks that are common in society, such as alcohol and nicotine addiction. Members learn to become leaders, role-models, and teachers. There is no fee to join, but students must see Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Thomas.

Travel Club: Students who love travel and wish to find a way to hear about others’ travel experiences, speak about their own, or even experience some may be interested in the Travel Club. Members look forward to guest speakers and fundraising, so that they can offset some of the expenses of the trips that are done through the Travel Club, such as the Journey Down Under tour in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, and the previous Europe tour. On Sept. 5 at 5:30, a meeting will also be held about a 2020 trip to Ireland and Scotland. To join the club, students must pay $5 to Mrs. Dyer or Mrs. Esters.

Trojan Ambassadors: For freshmen who wish to be leaders of their class for BCHS, Trojan Ambassadors is a selective club that makes students into representatives for the school. They act as guides to visitors and leaders to other students. A great benefit of being a Trojan Ambassador is that it is an impressive credential to colleges. Freshmen that are interested in joining should see Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Prichard at the Trojan Academy.

Y-Club: Students that are interested in politics or government may enjoy Y-Club. Set up as a mock government, members attend two events: a simulation of the Commonwealth’s democratic process (KYA), and a simulation of an international diplomacy meeting, such as the United Nations (KUNA). Club dues are not yet decided, but those interested in joining should see Mr. Steenbergen.

Students are encouraged to look beyond just Rush Week and see what other clubs exist at BCHS. For almost any interest, there is a club that has it.