By: Ashley Wright It’s spooky month, and there’s no shortage of spooky activities to occupy your time. Haunted houses, scary movies, costume shopping, and now, Halloween-esque musicals. The Addams Family Musical at Barn Lot Theater premiered Thursday, October 12, in Edmonton, KY, and features a litany of catchy tunes andContinue Reading

By: Brooklyn Lile I crunch a dead leaf under my boot while a cold wind blows hair across my cheek. Any logical person wouldn’t be outside in late October with no jacket, but I had left mine in Arden’s car this morning, and she has yet to arrive – justContinue Reading

By: Brennan Crain A national event, compromised of fellowship, worship, and reinstatement of hope, love and faith, called Fields of Faith came to Barren County this past Wednesday night. Students from Glasgow, Barren, Metcalfe, and Warren counties gathered at Jackie Browning Park to worship and share their testimonies about their Christian faith. TwoContinue Reading

By: Kaity Martin The Barren County High School Orchestra played at Jackson’s Orchard Sept. 23. This is the sixth year they have performed for the opening of autumn under the direction of Orchestra Conductor Amberly Bush. It was also the first concert of the 2017-2018 school year. Upon arrival, thereContinue Reading