By: Staff Report BCHS Fall Homecoming candidates, back row, from left, Emma Hughes (9), Micah Birrell (10), Avrie Thrasher (10), Sarah Sneed (10), Mattie Anderson (9). Second row, from left, Patricia Long (12), Samantha Morgan (11), Mattie Williams (12), Annabelle Botts (11), Maddie Murray (11), Brianna Shirley (11). Third row,Continue Reading

By: Grace Lowe Something I’ve always been interested in is film and acting, but it wasn’t anything I thought I’d pursue and if I did, I’d have to wait until I could move somewhere like California or New York. I was skeptical of production companies that filmed in less mainstreamContinue Reading

What Really Happened with the Eclipse By: Lillian Barry and Madison High The pristine white circumference of the moon, called the corona, gleams as the Moon completely obscures the Sun. (Photo: Nathaniel Baines) Two minutes and 40 seconds of darkness. Ohhhh, wow, can’t I just turn the lights off inContinue Reading

By: Nathaniel Baines Pictures were taken outside of Scottsville, KY Our Sun as it is normally seen. The very beginning of the eclipse, also known as “ the first contact”.  The first contact progressed a little further. Progression of the eclipse. Further progression. The Sun in a crescent shape asContinue Reading