By: Grace Lowe On the way back from a trip I took over the summer to Washington DC with my grandparents, I was waiting in the back seat with my great grandmother and she started naming fast food lunch prospects she could see out the window. When she saw Hooters,Continue Reading

By: Aaron Russell Welcome to a new series here on the Trojan Times, appropriately named Russell’s Rant, my name is Aaron Russell. I am a 16 year old dude that, like most teenagers, is easily annoyed. Here I will rant about items that I figure do not only annoy myselfContinue Reading

By: Joseph Clardy These funky pumpkins were painted by Handmade Charlotte! It’s that time of year, my friends. In every corner of every city one can find Halloween memorabilia featuring none other than everyone’s favorite gourd: the pumpkin. Pumpkins are the iconic figure of this spooky time of year (alongside,Continue Reading

By: Lillian Barry & Nathaniel Baines Teachers reunite and anxiously wait for the news of their pensions. (Photo: Nathaniel Baines) A meeting over the Kentucky pensions took place in Barren County High School’s Auditorium Sept. 11. President of the Barren County Association and current teacher at BCHS Kelley Ross openedContinue Reading