Paging Doctor Who?

A white coat ceremony was held at the BCHS auditorium Wednesday evening to honor students who have completed biomedical courses in the PLTW program this past year.
As Robert Bauer announces students, Saylor Botts, junior, 


accepts her medical interventions patch from Treva Shirley.


Many parents, siblings, community partners, and other supporters of the biomedical students gathered to celebrate their accomplishments.

BCHS Assistant Principal Letitia Hughes opened the ceremony by  thanking community partners and highlighting the opportunities in the biomedical pathway. As students walked across the stage, they were met by a community member to receive a patch corresponding to the course level of “biomed” that they have completed this year.
Along with the patch, freshmen biomedical students were presented with their own white coats, a symbol of being a part of the scientific community according to Amy Irwin. These were presented to the students by local healthcare professionals including Denise Billingsley, Dr. Joey Newberry, and Treva Shirley.
Seniors, Cassidy Davis and Brooke Hammer presented
their findings on the effect of screen time on education.

PLTW Biomedical instructor Robert Bauer gave a brief address before calling up the senior class of biomedical students. He describes his experience having watched the students’ maturation from sophomores to now as, “It’s pretty astonishing that you can take 17 and 18 year-olds and say, ‘Here’s what you’ve got, and here’s where we are going. Take it. Do it, and you can completely trust that they’re going to do it and know that they’re going to do it well.’ ”

Following the senior patch presentation and the pinning of the White Coat for Certified Nursing Assistant students, two groups of seniors presented their year long projects. Seniors Cassidy Davis and Brooke Hammer presented their findings on the effect of screen time on education while seniors Brooklyn Lile, Skylar Clarkson and Chloe Madison presented their findings of the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and patients with Dexa – diagnosed osteoporosis. Both projects were sponsored by local physicians and each was partnered with either the University of Louisville or the Glasgow Family Residency Program at TJ Samson Community Hospital.

The ceremony concluded with the students reciting the biomedical sciences oath, pledging diligence to the program and field as a whole.

Senior students concluded the formal event with a farewell gift of their appreciation in which they presented Bauer with a gift demonstrating their gratitude for all the hard work he has put and continues to put into the PLTW based program. According to senior Anne Claire Clemmons, Bauer was also awarded the gift due to his recent accomplishment of becoming  a  PLTW Master teacher, “A certification that only a few teachers have in the nation,” says Clemmons.
Students of each class were as follows: 
(Principles of Biomedical Sciences) Jordan Bell, Jordan Billingsley, Brendan Billingsley, Courtney Booker, Jentry Bowles, McKylee Bowles, Gracey Branham, Haley Bunch, Katie Bunch, Briley Burks, Lucy Butler, Savannah Byrd, Hannah Clark, Emmalee Crowley, Reece Dicken, Jocelyn Fauber, Cayli Garrett, Reagan Geary, Katie Gibson, Elisabeth Greever, Maddison Houchin, Emma Hughes, Emilee Kerney, Lilian Lugo Derrick, Brynn Martin, Kate Massey, Alanis Matthews, Madison Minor, Natalie Moore, Sierra Napier, Ally Newberry, Maylin Newberry, Skylar Newberry, Sydney Newberry, Cailey Runyon, Crystal Scott, Sally Settle, Dahlia Siano, Rosalyn Silbestre, Lara Simmons, Kayla Taylor, Raven Thomas, Alyssa Thomerson, Kathryn Thorpe, Ashley Torres, Shelby Vinson, Zachary Wasson, Katie-Mae Williams, Shadda Wood. 
(Human Body Systems) Aubree Allen, Natalie Barrett, Lillian Barry, Micah Birrell, Chelsey Bragg, Grace Butler, Chloe Christensen, Olivia Crowe, DJ Dillon, Ethan England, Kora England, Kaela Forshee, Lachelle Garcia, Destiny Harwood, Bailey Haynes, Leah Jessie, Chryston Jones, Kristen Kilbourne, Alexis McFarland, Lexi Mills, Linkin Minton, Caitlyn Nunn, Heather Pursley, Marlie Shirley, Madison Smith, Morgan Stephens, Jadastyn Sublett, Haylee Todd, Liberty Townley, Aubree Turner, Chloe Watson, Madison Woodcock, Ashley Wright.
(Medical Interventions) Nathaniel Baines, Mckenzie Billingsley, Saylor Botts, Veronica Calix, Leah Chambers, Breanna Childress, Brennan Crain, Taylor Davidson, Haleigh Essler, William Garrison, Taylor Kinslow, Rosa Lopez, Zion Massey, Mckenzie Martinez, Stacie Ollig, Zack Owen, Miranda Peacock, Emily Pedigo, Dulce Sanchez, Katlin Scott, Caroline Stice, Hayden Sutherland, Holly Thomas, Kirsten Thomerson, Athena Torres, Cole Turner.
(Medical Innovations) Skylar Clarkson, Anne Claire Clemmons, Cassidy Davis, Natalie Gray, Connor Groce, Brooke Hammer, Hadleigh Hammer, Tristan Houchens, Becca Jackson, Nevan Jones, Brooklyn Lile, Chloe Madison, Katie Pack, MyKenzie Tassinari.