Photo Story: BCHS Hosts Yearly Christmas Luncheon

By: Staff Report
Each year BCHS hosts a one-hour event that includes a lot of laughter, memories, and good food.
The 2017 BCHS Christmas Luncheon was held Dec. 15, 2017 in the BCHS cafeteria. While students were away in the gymnasium watching the 2017 Talent Show, former staff filled the BCHS cafeteria with current teachers and staff to enjoy a Christmas lunch. Before the event, attendees began arriving and greeting each other with warm hugs and laughter, away from the cold morning air outside. Staff ranging from former coaches to teachers were in attendance. The event allows those that used to work at the school to catch up with each other. Some staff was in attendance that had worked at the school since the initial opening in 1973. Former Principal James Coomer was in attendance along with his wife Joan Coomer, both who started in the 1973 year when the school was opened. Others included former math, history, English, and foreign language teachers. The event was successful and made part by the BCHS cafeteria staff along with Principal Brad Johnson.

Former BCHS teacher Teresa Bewley greets Superintendent Bo Matthews with a hug.


Former staff of BCHS catches up with each other since their last meeting.
Former BCHS Principal Steve Riley talks with others at the Christmas luncheon.


Laughter erupts among former staff as former BCHS Athletic Director Bob Blair recalls an event.


BCHS cafeteria staff talk amongst each other during the Christmas luncheon.


Former and current employees of BCHS gather around the plethora of food made by the BCHS cafeteria staff.


From left, Matt Gardner and Rex Rush take a moment to look at the camera as they talk with Lee McFarland.


Former staff catch up with each other and get a picture together.


The staff greets each other as they arrive in the BCHS cafeteria.


Former BCHS Principal (in red) Glenn Flanders laughs with a former BCHS staff member.


The staff enjoys the meal together, prepared by the BCHS cafeteria staff.


 Friends listen to each other as they hear about each other and their recent lives.


Staff talk amongst themselves while eating the Christmas meal.


The staff eats the Christmas meal as they reminisce about their days at BCHS.


Current BCHS staff enjoys the Christmas luncheon as their students observe the talent show in the BCHS gymnasium.


Current staff talks with each other during the Christmas luncheon.


Several of BCHS’ current staff grouped together and ate lunch together during the Christmas luncheon.


Two former BCHS staff talk with each other.


Current and former BCHS foreign language teachers talk with each other after the meal.


Some of BCHS’ finest talk with each other as they prepare to leave the cafeteria.


Staff greet each other one last time before leaving the BCHS cafeteria after the luncheon.


Steve Riley speaks with two former BCHS employees.


BCHS teachers talk with each other before leaving the cafeteria.


BCHS cafeteria staff enjoy the Christmas dinner prepared by themselves.


Current BCHS staff, Superintendent of Barren Co. Schools, and former guidance counselor stand together before the meal was served.


Current Guidance Counselor Jill Leftwich greets a former employee upon arrival.


Former and current staff congregate together to say their goodbyes as they depart the BCHS cafeteria.


The Coomers walk to the food together. On left, Joan Coomer was a former BCHS Foreign Language teacher and, on right, James Coomer was the first principal of BCHS.


Superintendent Bo Matthews greets the former employees as they walk to get their lunch in the BCHS cafeteria.


Current Social Studies teacher Jerrod Browning jokingly poses in front of other social studies teachers Matt Gardner and Lee McFarland.


BCHS Science teachers, from left, Ken Cook, Luke Pnewski, and Samantha Romine talk with each other before getting their lunch.
In front, Math teacher Ellen Blevins speaks with a former staff member after the Christmas meal.


Jackie Nuckols and Bob Blair pose with each other.


Current BCHS staff share a comment between each other before the luncheon.
Attendees get their food.


Former staff stands in line as they wait to get their lunch.


Steve Riley and Bobby Steenbergen talk with each other.


Staff get their lunch prepared by the BCHS cafeteria staff.


Superintendent Bo Matthews describes an event to staff before lunch was served.


Staff eats lunch together in the BCHS cafeteria.


Two ladies pose for a picture as they consume their lunch.


On left, Joan Coomer, and on right, James Coomer eat lunch together.


Staff enjoy lunch together as they talk with each other.


Amy Irwin talks with former teacher Teresa Bewley (in red) and former principal Stacey Owen.


Scott Chapman listen closely to a former BCHS staff member as he gets his lunch.


Current and former staff members greet each other with a hug.


Staff talk with each other after the Christmas luncheon.


Staff watches the BCHS talent show as it is broadcasted on the cafeteria television.


Barren Co. Schools Board Member Cortni Crews picks up plates to take to the trash for attendees.


On left, Phillip Geralds talks to Matt Gardner after the Christmas luncheon.


The former staff greets each other with many warm hugs in the Christmas season.


On left, Cindy Jackson poses with recent retiree Marilyn Barrick at the luncheon.


Jackie Nuckols greets a former BCHS employee.


BCHS coaches and Cortni Crews talk with each other regarding the latest athletics.