Photos by: Dulce Sanchez

BCHS cheerleaders complete their routine for those in attendance.


The Barren County High School Bowling Team.
BCHS Cheerleaders stand to be recognized.


BCHS cheerleaders, from left: Annabelle Botts (11), Taylor Hensley (11), Maddie Murray (11), Maks Hutten (11), McKenna Birrell (11), Emily Cline (11), Jessi Hargrove (11), and Brenna Cleaveland (10).


BCHS Cheerleaders complete their routine.
The small member BCHS Girls Basketball Team introduce themselves to the audience.


Barren County High School Dance Team


BCHS Dance Team perform their routine.


BCHS Boys Basketball Team stand together.



BCHS Swim Team stands with Coach Metzger.


BCHS Swim Team, from left: Mara Birrell (12), Nate Wasson (11), Caroline Kinsman (11), Micah Birrell (10),  Jordan Billingsley (9), and Hannah Doyle (9).



Athletic Director Warren Cunningham speaks to the audience about the upcoming winter sports season.