Repeated fire alarms sound at BCHS, administration investigating incident

Barren County High School students and staff were alerted early Tuesday morning to the sound of a faulty fire alarm.

Lee Johnson, assistant principal, told the Trojan Times that the series of alarms were due to a broken alarm in the English hall. A portion of the equipment slipped and caused a series of alarms to sound. Reports of a “prank” circulated the school shortly after the incident. School officials are reviewing video footage from security cameras as a precaution, according to Johnson. Currently, the incident is under investigation.

This fire alarm supposedly malfunctioned Tuesday morning, leading school officials to investigate the cause of its repeated alarming. Maintenance and custodians appear to have left the alarm covered in tape. Brennan Crain/ Trojan Times.

BCHS amended its fire alarm procedures before the 2019-2020 school year, according to Johnson.
In the revised fire procedure protocol, staff waits for verification of a legitimate reason for evacuation. There was not a formal announcement during the series of four alarm soundings Tuesday morning. After investigation, Johnson sent an email to staff detailing that the alarm was due to a malfunction.

BCHS custodians and maintenance is working to repair the alarm. Currently, the system is on “silent mode,” allowing crews to repair the faulty alarm without sounding it.