Russell’s Rant: Grammar Nazis

By: Aaron Russell

Welcome to a new series here on the Trojan Times, appropriately named Russell’s Rant, my name is Aaron Russell. I am a 16 year old dude that, like most teenagers, is easily annoyed. Here I will rant about items that I figure do not only annoy myself but my peers and offer solutions to such issues. For the first issue I will talk about the term and implications of the title “Grammar Nazi.” The title is often given to those who correct everyone’s grammatical mistakes constantly. I feel that few of the “Grammar Nazi’s” actions are acceptable, but most of their actions drive me towards insanity.

Some of the few parts of the “Grammar Nazi” I find acceptable would include correcting someone’s grammatical errors when posting on social media or even when one is emailing back and forth with a colleague. Even in large group messaging systems, anytime one is posting, writing, or speaking publicly they should have to accept correction.

However, I draw the line when the “Grammar Nazi” corrects someone in normal conversation. For example, when two people are casually talking over text. If you and I are texting back and forth, talking about our woes and you try correcting something I said, we are done! Conversation over. We can try it again another time. If you feel the need to tell me that I said “have” instead of “had” while I am explaining how my weekend trip went, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Even worse than the normal texting “Grammar Nazi” is the dreaded in person “Grammar Nazi.” This type feels that it is acceptable to interrupt mid-conversation to correct something I said– to my face! That’s not only annoying, but that is plain rude too! Although grammar is important, constructive feedback on someone’s speaking skills can wait till (that’s right, till!) they finish their point! Better yet, their correction could be left unsaid! That person will make it in this world without knowing that they used a slang term without knowing it.

Now that I have ranted, it is time for solutions. It is extremely simple to solve this issue. Stop. That is it. That is all that has to be done. The “Grammar Nazi” has its exceptions but overall I feel they could take something away from this rant. The intended takeaway, find the appropriate times to be a “Grammar Nazi.”