Russell’s Rant: The State of Facebook

By: Aaron Russell

So everyone uses Facebook right? Like everyone. Not just students, not just parents, and not just grandparents. Everyone uses it. Some more than others, but almost everyone has a Facebook account. Even though the platform has over a billion active accounts, the platform has seen quite a shift in its demographics over the past few years. But I’m not here to discuss the platform’s users. I’m talking about the State of Facebook today through the eyes of a high school student.


Many view that the social media networking site has strayed away from its original intent. The platform was originally used to socialize, put up really embarrassing pictures of one another, “poke” people, and play Farmville on. Since then, the platform has turned into a breeding grounds for fake news sites, clickbait articles, public gossip, an online marketplace, and really bad memes made by parents in their forties. As you can see, a big change.


Now I don’t think that Facebook is only used for these things; there are tons of users in our community that have not altered their Facebook usage since the day they joined. I still can get on Facebook and see recipes people share, 600+ pictures of their kids everyday, birthday wishes, and the occasional prayer request. This is the wholesome side of Facebook, the side everyone enjoys seeing. (Except those pictures of your kids, that gets old pretty quickly.) But again, even with this wholesome side of Facebook, there are still plenty of bad sides to the site that are driving away users. But I honestly could write a book about that, but I’ll just stick to what I find the most annoying part of Facebook, and that is that the platform has become too many “things”.


Facebook can currently be used as a social media network, an online marketplace, a primary news outlet, a private communication platform, an online video content provider, an online business hub, a job employment recruiter, an online food ordering service, and a source of mobile gameplay. That is a lot of stuff. One platform should not house that many different types of features. Honestly, one could poll ten people on their main use of Facebook and all ten could use it differently. That may be a “cool” thing but it’s not a good thing for the original audience of Facebook, which was people who wanted to connect with one another. Because with all the expanded features that come with Facebook, you now have more and more people using Facebook differently and it operates like an online jungle.


So, short, the state of Facebook really depends on the user. But for this teenage user that joined to joke around and socialize with friends, the platform is too diverse and is basically it’s own form of the entire internet, and I feel that everything and everyone is on Facebook and it’s too far gone to ever return to its original purpose of simply being a social media network.


Even with all the issues Facebook has, is there a way to fix it? I honestly don’t think so. Once you reveal features you can’t take them away, plus taking parts of Facebook away would drive even more users from the site. So without being able to clean up the jungle, those who don’t like the madness (like myself) have been forced to leave. So instead, I explore the much more organized forest often known as Snapchat.