Saxophones, dances and hoops, oh my! BCHS holds 2018 talent show

After the success of Barren County High School’s talent show last year, students asked for a second one. Their requests were granted on Dec. 14, the last day before Barren County Schools’ winter break.

From left, Elizabeth Johnson; Javen Courtier; Garren McCoy; CJ Gutierrez; Parker May; and Lane Morris perform Feliz Navidad.
Photo by Micajah Christie.

This year’s talent show was much different from the 2017 show. Students had to be turned away, and an even larger variety of acts were present.

The show consisted of the following acts: a mashup of the high school’s upcoming musical, Grease; two rock band performances (including previously covered The New Hue); a hula-hoop routine; a solo dance routine; a saxophone sextet; a group performance of “Feliz Navidad” with American Sign Language translation; Emily Jackson, senior, and backup singers singing Mistletoe by Justin Bieber; and multiple solo singing performances.

Many of the acts had students singing along and cheering. However, the success of the performers did not come without a lot of work

Reece Taylor performs “Heartbreaker” with his band “Check Gas Cap.” 
Photo by Micajah Christie.

Garren McCoy, Miranda Peacock and Reece Taylor said they would spend hours, and any spare time they had, to practice their performances. 

Peacock came to school early every day to practice her hula-hoop routine. Taylor, junior, said his band “Check Gas Cap” would find any free space available and practice for as long as possible.

Despite the work, performers were excited. Many took part in multiple acts. McCoy, sophomore, took part in both the “Feliz Navidad” group performance and his own Frank Sinatra solo.

McCoy said he was not pleased with his performance last year. He hoped to make this year’s performance count.

“I’m excited because I’ll get to make up for last year,” McCoy said before the talent show.

Other students were encouraged to take part in the talent show by others. Peacock was one of them.

“I’m nervous because my friends talked me into the talent show last minute,” Peacock said. “However, I’m ready for it.”

“I wanted to give a group of people something that would make them stand and scream, leaving them wanting more, which is exactly what I did out there,” Taylor said. “The talent show was what let me finally have that dream.”

Every student that performed was smiling and involved with the audience. The audience often would clap to the beat or sing with the performers.

To watch the full show, find it on BCHS Live’s youtube at