SBDM Council addresses students in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge along with the possibility of Esports at BCHS

The SBDM Council met on Nov. 18 discussing the students at BCHS who are participating in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Challenge #HerWay.  They have had very positive turnouts for the first round. Olivia Crowe, D.J. Dillon, and Zach Shearer created an app for Postpartum Depression which made the first round, they also made the top 300 in the Nation out of 1,800 applicants. The results for the second round will be announced on December 22.

The council has approved Esports at BCHS. They announced that students will participate in Rocket League. The KHSAA states that Esports means electronic sports, not only video games, Esports help to encourage teamwork and communication between students. The KHSAA also states that Esports can provide students with additional opportunities to earn scholastic recognition. Esports have flourished in many schools in the surrounding areas and Irwin believes that this will be a great addition to the high school. 

“I think this will be a very popular sport here,” Irwin said. “Based on student interest in gaming I believe this will be very successful.”

Many teams at BCHS have had positive competitive results like the BCHS Cheer Team who won regionals and will advance to state in December. 

The football team also  had a very successful season as presented by Amy Irwin.

“Our football team has had a great year,” Irwin said. “They’ve probably had the most successful season in a couple decades as seen in the [news] articles and by what coaches have said.”

The Academic Team has had very successful outcomes in their meets, the freshman and JV team placed first in the South Central Ky Academic Association east division. The overall team was also runner up in the combined team-all divisions. Along with Luke Lyons who placed third in the Social Studies division. Nathan Hood and Malena Hughes were announced as members of the all league honor team. Irwin also mentioned how the season for the varsity team went. 

“Our varsity team only lost one match all year,” Iwrin said. “Mrs. Hughes has done a great job along with the students working hard and succeeding.” 

Beta also had a very successful convention with many students placing high in many divisions.