SBDM discusses Kentucky Youth Assembly and Topper Hacks


The SBDM Council met on Dec. 9 discussing student achievements with KYA and the Topper Hacks.

BCHS students in KYA participated at the Kentucky Youth Assembly at Crowne Plaza in Louisville on Dec. 5-7. The students filed two bills which were not passed but the students were able to learn from the event and have the experience of debating in legislation. Amy Irwin, principal of BCHS, explains how the KYA members learned from their experiences at the event. 

“I believe the students only lost by three votes on one of their bills but I know they represented us well,” Irwin said. “This was a great leadership opportunity for the students.”

The Topper Hacks winners were announced by the council. Many district students attended the Topper Hacks with students winning in Web Development, App Development, Logo/ Branding, and Breakout EDU. The council also presented the winners for the Surface Pro and Nintendo Switch winners, Riley Wilson and Tayler Gray won the Surface Pro along with Reid Hoffman winning the Nintendo Switch. 

The BCMS and BCHS Band members competed in the KMEA 34d District Honors Band Competition receiving many awards including those who were recommended to attend the final round of the all-state band auditions in December.

The next SBDM Council meeting will be held on Jan. 13, the council will announce prom details which will be announced at a later date.