SBDM Discusses Military Ball, Fall Formal Dance, and Interests in Campus Beautification

This week the SBDM Council discussed the eighth annual Military Ball and Fall Formal information. The council also discussed Campus Beautification for BCHS.


Wesley Liverman represented the JROTC program discussing the eighth annual Military Ball. The ball will be held on March 21, 2020 from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. The JROTC program is currently working on reducing the prices for the ball.


“The cost estimate for the ball is $3,000, making the cost $30 per 100 people,” Liverman said. “All cadets are currently participating in a fundraiser to reduce the cost to $10 per cadet.”


Teresa Bewley discussed Fall Formal. The dance will be held on Nov. 16. Background checks for the event will be held on Nov. 2. 


Amy Irwin discussed the idea of bringing Campus Beautification to BCHS. Campus Beautification is when members of the community come together to help refurbish an area. This can positively impact student behavior and academic performance.


“We have some areas on campus that could use some new refurbishing,” Irwin said. “With this we could make a good cultured area for students.”


Later in the meeting Irwin discussed that Lowe’s is donating two trees to BCHS and it could help with the beautification process.


“With the beautification Lowe’s has generously donated two trees,” Irwin said. “Some of our trees have obtained an illness which is killing them so Lowe’s is helping us replace some of the trees.”


Ron Norris has been hired as the head bowling coach and Austin Birge has been hired as the assistant basketball coach.


The BCHS SBDM council next monthly meeting will be held in Oct. 14.