Senior parents meet, committees assigned; graduation and festivities discussed

Parents filled the Barren County High School Library on Thursday night to hear from senior sponsors regarding festivities and events for the 2019 class. Senior Sponsors Cyndi Jackson and Kelley Bauer detailed upcoming dates and events such as senior breakfast, baccalaureate, senior activity day and graduation.

Parents were provided an info packet with a tentative schedule for the remainder of the year and dress code specifications for graduation and other formal events coming soon.

Parents were reminded that the senior slideshow deadline was approaching. The last day to turn in the main photo for the presentation is Friday, March 22. Two other photos may be submitted before May 20 for the slideshow. All photos must be sent to

Prom is also quickly approaching. According to after-prom coordinator Shelley Young, students will be given an opportunity to attend a gathering at Barren County High School from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., following prom on May 4.

After-prom has been changed this year to fit students’ desires. Students have chosen not to attend after-prom in the past due to time constraints. The event will no longer be a “lock-in” style gathering, according to Young. Students may leave at any time throughout the night, but must sign out before doing so in order to maintain accountability of the students.

The theme for this year’s prom and after-prom event is “Memories.” Along other festivities at the school, students will be able to socialize in the BCHS cafeteria and in various classroom where memorable childhood movies will be playing, according to Young.

While after-prom has “been in the works” since the beginning of the school year, there is still more work to do. Committee members revealed that $3500 has been donated to the after-prom fund. Parents or any volunteers are still needed to help with other aspects, according to Young.

“There will be several different areas that kids will be in,” Young said. “We need volunteers to monitor those.”

Balfour, the company that provides senior merchandise, will be at BCHS to deliver any senior items that have been ordered. Caps and gowns will be available on this day. Representatives will be set up during lunch at the concession stand in the school. Payment methods have broadened this year to include cash, and debit and credit cards. Any unpaid balance must be paid on April 16 in order to receive the merchandise, according to Jackson.

Students are advised to ensure their cap and gown fits correctly. If there are issues, Ellen Blevins can exchange the attire before graduation.

Seniors can expect graduation tickets to be distributed on April 19 in their homeroom class. Students will be provided 12 tickets and may request up to three additional tickets if needed, according to Jackson and Bauer. Ticket exchange, return and requests will be held on April 22, beginning at 7:30 a.m. in room three. Blevins is responsible for tickets.

“Students may not come before 7:30,” Jackson said. “She [Blevins] will also not take phone calls from parents.”

If students need to exchange tickets for handicap or disabled family, they may do so on April 22. Jackson and Bauer reminded parents that in the event that a family member cannot be seated at the top of the gym, one other person may sit with them in the handicap-friendly area in the lower portion of the gym.

Per school rules, any child that is three years old or older, requires a ticket. Children younger than three do not, according to Jackson, stating younger children are permitted to sit in the lap of another guest.

Seniors that are college or career ready will travel to Kings Island on April 26. While the time of departure has not been officially announced, Jackson mentioned that seniors typically leave around 5 a.m. and return at midnight the following day. No further information is available for release at this time.

Senior Activity Day is scheduled for May 1. Seniors will travel to Barren River Lake State Resort Park to play games and spend a day together.

The annual BCHS Awards Night is scheduled for May 6 at 6 p.m. Students are encouraged to dress nicely for this event as awards are given and scholarships are recognized.

Seniors that attended an elementary school in Barren County will have the chance to visit for the last time as a student on May 15. Seniors will travel with their classmates to their former elementary school for festivities from 8 a.m. to approximately 10:30 a.m. Students are encouraged to dress nicely for these visits. After students return, they will take final exams. Exams will also be given on May 16.

Following the last full week of school, a baccalaureate ceremony is set to begin at 3 p.m. on May 19 in the BCHS gym. The BCHS FCA chapter is organizing this year’s event. While the final vote from class officers and FCA members is pending, the top three individuals to be involved are Jessica Wells, FCA character coach for sports; Chad Lockhart, pastor of Highland Hills Community Church; and Ross Anglen, student pastor at Crossland Community Church.

“This is an optional meeting,” Jackson said.

Students who choose to attend must wear their cap and gowns. There is not a limit to guests at this event.

Finally, on the last day of school, May 20, seniors will be treated to a senior breakfast. The breakfast will begin at 8 a.m. inside the Trojan Academy cafeteria. Up to two guests are allowed per senior, but room is limited, according to Jackson. Parents and guardians are only allowed to accompany a senior. Grandparents (unless legal guardian), acquaintances, siblings, etc. will not be allowed into the breakfast.

“This is their special day,” Jackson said.

Seniors must follow the baccalaureate and graduation dress code at senior breakfast. Students must wear dark brown or black shoes, boots, or sandals. Sandals must have a strap around the back of the ankle. Pants must be khaki. Dresses and skirts must be shorter than the gown. All shorts must have a collar, but a tie is not necessary, according to Jackson.

Committees were formed for the event at Thursday’s meeting. Parents may serve in the following areas: table decorating, photo backdrop, check-in, door monitoring, clean-up and donations. The donations committee was formed this year due to the need of extra money for candy and supplies. Businesses may donate items for the event at any time.

Jackson said that around 500 balloons would need to be inflated, but senior sponsors are still waiting on two helium tank donations.

Jackson also said that parents who volunteer are encouraged to help clean afterward.

“We need everyone to help clean up at all costs possible,” Jackson said.

Following Senior Breakfast indoor activities, students will complete their balloon release. Jackson said that weather permitting, students will be able to take part in the balloon launch between 9:30 and 10 a.m.

Students will also take a class photo on May 20. It is mandatory for seniors to wear their cap and gowns for the photograph.

Students will practice graduation for the duration of the school day on May 20. Seniors will be allowed to leave early to accommodate time constraints before graduation.

“Mr. Johnson has agreed to allow seniors to leave early,” Bauer said.

It is still unclear as to what time seniors will be released. Seniors must return to BCHS by 5:30 p.m. to prepare for graduation. The ceremony will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Per Board policy, any student who has more than 12 unexcused events will not be able to participate in any of the end-of-year festivities, including graduation.

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