Small town, big views—students gain fame from TikTok videos

Living in Glasgow, Kentucky means that by default, there isn’t much excitement here. So naturally, when a video made on TikTok by a student at the Gatton Academy in Bowling Green went viral, it caught the attention of many.

TikTok is a growing app that allows its users to make short videos of anything they want, whether they’re lipsyncing to a song or making a skit. It also allows an option to insert audio or filters. These factors allow its users to be extremely creative with easier access to editing materials, which contributes to the app’s immense popularity.

The app also has a “For You” page, which provides creators with a chance for their content to be recommended to other users if the hashtag “#ForYou” is included in the description of their video. In this case, the creator was fortunate enough to get selected to appear on the For You page and led to the sudden influx of views on the video.

In the video, its creator took a shopping cart from Walmart and pushed it through a Taco Bell drive-thru and then back to the Gatton Academy, where he then received an email asking to obtain a parking pass for the “unidentified shopping cart.” The video has received over 500,000 likes, and perfectly captures the sheer randomness that is teenage humor.

Some of our own students at BCHS are also using TikTok to express themselves. Seniors Jenna Brooks, Scarlett Birge, and Megan Billingsley all have accounts on the app and each post their own content. Many of Brooks’ videos are of herself and others doing popular dances, while Billingsley’s and Birge’s are more on the comedic side.

“I saw a lot of other people having fun and just posting fun content that I thought was interesting. I thought it’d be something good that I could get into to express my creative side and my comedic side,”  Birge said when asked why she created an account.

“I’ve had a pretty positive experience overall. There haven’t been a lot of videos that got very much attention or anything, but the ones that did and the reactions were pretty much positive. Like, no one’s giving me hate or anything, and some people have even come to me at school and been like ‘I saw your TikTok,’” Billingsley said.

Jenna’s account went viral after she posted a video of BCHS students on a pep bus on the way to Rupp Arena. Soon after, two of her other videos also went viral, one of which has 136.2K likes.

“I wasn’t expecting that video to go viral,” Brooks said.

“My favorite one was probably the Baby Shark one, but it didn’t get as popular.”

You can follow all three of these girls on TikTok!

Scarlett: @mangocrisp

Megan: @meganraerae

Jenna: @jennacbrooks