South Central Kentucky Cultural Center’s Annual Harvest of History

The South Central Kentucky Cultural Center is preparing for yet another year of their popular event and fundraiser, the Harvest of History.


On Sep. 20 and 21, the cultural center will be hosting the event and busing people from the museum to Glasgow Municipal Cemetery. Six members of the community reenact historical figures of Barren County and surrounding areas.


Different historical figures are chosen to be reenacted every year, and multiple community members have taken the time to learn about one of these figures so they can accurately portray them.


“There’s some sort of story to tell. Local reenactors research that character and look at their stories, and their influence on the surrounding counties,” Matt Gardner, Barren County High School history teacher, said.


This year there will be six historical figures reenacted. This includes Latoya Drake as Willa Brown Chappell, Wade Lewis as Simon Settles, Jim Haynes as Durwood Haynes, Sonya Hamrick as Annie Moss Steen Strander, Millie C. Nichols as Jennie Jean Jones, and Mayor Armstrong as Ervin G. Houchens.


Attending the Harvest of History gives people insight into local history.


Todd Steenbergen, another Barren County High School history teacher, has previously reenacted at the Harvest of History twice. Last year he portrayed Frank Jones, a man who had owned a small country store and stage coach shop at Coral Hill. Steenbergen is an avid supporter of people learning about their personal and family history.


“People should attend the Harvest of History so they can enrich themselves about their own history — the history of this area, this community,” Steenbergen said. “Not a lot of people know about some of these people until they go and realize, ‘Wow, they’re pretty important.'”


Through attending the event, people are given the opportunity to appreciate the cultural center and pay them back for their work in preserving South Central Kentucky history. 


“It’s the biggest fundraiser for the Cultural Center. [The Cultural Center] is one of those lost treasures for our community that we’ve got in our own backyard, and it’s a way to give back locally,” Gardner said.


The funds from the Harvest of History will mostly go to the Cultural Center’s current project of expanding to the third floor for more exhibits.


Those who wish to attend the Harvest of History can go to the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center and purchase tickets before the event, or they can purchase their tickets the night of this event. Tickets are $7 for students and $15 for adults. Tours will take place from 6 to 8 p.m., and people will be bussed over to the old section of Glasgow Municipal Cemetery. Golf carts will be available for those who need accommodations. If rain occurs, then the event will be held in the cultural center.


For more information contact the South Central Kentucky Cultural Center at (270) 651-9792 or visit their website