Students say goodbye to Lipsey; famous voice of BCHS morning pledge to graduate

It’s 7:55 a.m. The first bell just went off, signifying the time to be in class. Then the intercom makes three beeps, and the chatter of students decrescendos to silence.

“Good morning Trojans and Trojanettes! This is Carl Lipsey here to bring you the pledge this morning. Please rise and place your right hand over your heart,” Lipsey says, holding out the word “good” to emphasize his excitement.

The students stand, wide grins across their faces. They face the flag and begin to recite the pledge.

At the end, Lipsey leaves the students with an alliterated send-off for the day of the week followed by “and I’ll be seeing ya.”

Carl Lipsey, senior, leads Barren County High School in the Pledge of Allegiance May 3, 2019. Lipsey has led the school in the Pledge of Allegiance for a little over two years. Occasionaly, Lipsey treats the school to a show such as a song. After the above photo was taken Lipsey, accompanied by three BCHS choir students, sang Happy Birthday to Principal Brad Johnson. Kaity Martin Trojan Times.

This has been routine at BCHS for nearly two years. When Lipsey isn’t there to lead the pledge, disappointed sighs can be heard through the classroom. His voice has become a part of the school, so much that some students hate to see him go as he graduates this year.

“I’m going to miss him, and no one will be able to replace him,” Madison Thomas, junior, said.

Several students agreed what makes him special is his energy and positive attitude.

“He’s always positive in everything he does and it directs a positive attitude for everyone else to start their morning,” Zack Owen, senior, said.

“Hearing him in the morning makes my day better,” Jennifer Lee, sophomore, said. “He has a really positive vibe.”

“I love his energy and he always makes me feel more energetic in the morning,” Thomas said.

Lipsey began leading the pledge by complete chance. Previously, different students led the pledge each morning, until Principal Brad Johnson asked Lipsey to lead one day.

“[The administration] started saying people could do the pledge, and I was tired of hearing how dull and just overall unenthusiastic people sounded,” Lipsey said. “So I just went up there and did it once, and they liked it so much they made me keep doing it.”

Since that morning, Lipsey has enjoyed getting everybody hyped up in the morning, and he is glad he can have a positive impact on people through this morning routine.

“Carl is very entertaining and lively. You can come in when it’s gray, and Carl’s going to make you smile,” front office employee Brittanie Cleveland said.

But all good things must come to an end, and Lipsey will lead his last Pledge of Allegiance on Monday, May 20. He might even hold out the “good” for longer than he ever has just so it doesn’t have to end so soon.

“I’ll miss [leading the pledge]. I’ll miss everyone here. I’ll miss everything,” Lipsey said.

After high school, Lipsey plans on attending Campbellsville University to study theater.