Subtract teacher, add retirement! BCHS math department sends four teachers into retirement

When you think of high school, what comes to mind? Classmates, sports, parties? One of the biggest aspects of high school and school in general is teachers. Teachers play a large role in shaping students into more educated, refined people, in order to succeed after high school. As all good things must come to an end, an educator’s time in the classroom must too. After the conclusion of this school year, four of Barren County High School’s math teachers will be retiring.

Steve Metzger. Brennan Crain/ Trojan Times.

Steve Metzger began his teaching career 32 years ago. After spending three years at Park City Elementary, Metzger came to BCHS where he has been ever since. He has predominantly taught geometry and AP statistics, and has made a lasting effect on every student to come through his classes.

“Mr. Metzger has always went out of his way to personally speak to each of his students every day, ” Liberty Townley, junior, says. “He has made an impact on his students not just with his teaching, but with his kindness as well.”

Following his retirement, Metzger plans to “enjoy life.” He has loved teaching, but says it will be good to just spend time with his family.

Along with Steve Metzger, Christy Metzger, will be retiring, too. Having also taught for 32 years, Christy has always been at BCHS. Though she has always been in the math department, Metzger has taught everything from pre-algebra to geometry to consumer math.

“I love math, especially upper-level math,” Christy says. “That’s why I wanted to teach high school.”

Regarding her plans for retirement, Christy also plans to enjoy her time at home.

Christy Metzger. Brennan Crain/ Trojan Times.

“I don’t have any specific plans at this time. I’m just ready for a break,” Christy says. “Maybe do something 

else for a while.”

During her time at BCHS, Christy has touched the heart of so many students through her caring and 

compassionate personality.

“Mrs. Metzger is one of the most caring teachers I’ve ever had, and she has always went the extra mile to help me and other students grasp any concept needed,” Jentry Bowles, sophomore, says. “She is always there for anything, even if it doesn’t have to do with school, and has had a huge impact on my education.”

After 34 years at BCHS, Ellen Blevins, senior sponsor, will be joining the slew of retiring math teachers as well. After seven years as assessment coordinator, Blevins decided that teaching math was her true passion. She has always wanted to teach, and has taught pre-algebra, geometry, consumer math, pre-calculus, as well as AP level classes. Originally planning to pursue elementary education, Blevins soon realized that high school, and higher-level math classes, were a better fit.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to do math,” Blevins said. “I was afraid of the higher-level math, because I didn’t have a lot of it. My sophomore year of college, after being offered a scholarship, I changed my major.”

Unlike the other retiring teachers, after some travelling, Blevins does plan to come back next school year as a substitute.

“That’s one of the reasons I want to substitute; I am comfortable with the school system, I know the rules and the staff, and it really is a comfort level for me,” Blevins says.

Like so many others, Blevins has had a positive impact on so many students year after year.

“Mrs. Blevins made math class more understandable,” Chelsea Smith, senior, says. “She was just an easy teacher to understand and enjoy.”

As senior sponsor, Blevins has an important role regarding different responsibilities for the graduating class. She handles everything from working with Balfour, compiling the lists of honor students, to helping decide the class budget.

“Being senior sponsor is a lot of responsibility, so I will be glad to hand over those duties,” Blevins says.

Last, but certainly not least, Michelle Crabtree will be another math teacher retiring this school year. After 27 years in the classroom, teaching Algebra I and II, as well as pre-calculus and AP calculus, Crabtree is excited to spend her retirement working a part-time job at a clothing boutique and babysitting her granddaughter.

She has always enjoyed math, especially high school level courses, which is one of the main reasons she decided to pursue secondary education. She has taught students from every grade and has had an impact on every student that has walked through her door.

“Mrs. Crabtree has made coming to the high school for class, rather than staying in the Trojan Academy, easy for the freshmen in her class,” Malena Hughes, freshman, says. “She’s passionate about teaching and that passion bleeds through everyday. I am definitely going to miss her.”

Apart from her time in the classroom, Crabtree also coached the BCHS Dance Team for several years.

Although a majority of the math department at BCHS will be leaving following the end of the school year, many are excited to see the new faces coming into the building next year to fill their shoes.

“I feel like the students and teachers both will be a little nervous at first trying to get familiarized with each other,” Hannah Clark, sophomore, says. “The teachers will help each other out, as they are all experiencing something new, making the department more closely knit.”