By: Brooklyn Lile The sound of seventeen pairs of feet slowly, uniformly dragging along the dusty old floors comes to life as the monotone bell rings, compelling students to enter the dimly lit classroom. White walls that have turned almost yellow with age contrast the deep brown desks that areContinue Reading

By: Brooklyn Lile As the first semester of senior year is dwindling down, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “What do you plan on majoring in?” Students may throw out varying arrays of options from Biology to Economics, but the true divide is whether their major is consideredContinue Reading

By: Brooklyn Lile   My heart drops. There’s no way this is Greg. My Greg.   “What’s wrong, Amy? What are you looking at?” Arden questions as she slowly walks up to me. She gasps as she spots the victim lying on the floor.   “What the heck! Is thatContinue Reading