As October comes to a close, November rides up with the scent of pumpkin pie and fallen leaves. Along with the fall festivities comes an important day: Election Day. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Kentuckians from Paducah to Pikeville will gather at their corresponding polling locations to exercise their right toContinue Reading

A white coat ceremony was held at the BCHS auditorium Wednesday evening to honor students who have completed biomedical courses in the PLTW program this past year. As Robert Bauer announces students, Saylor Botts, junior,    accepts her medical interventions patch from Treva Shirley.   Many parents, siblings, community partners,Continue Reading

A few weeks it snowed. This prompted a huge amount of people around me to discuss weather patterns and what they mean in relation to climate change. A lot of things I overheard were comments like, “Well it’s snowing so I guess global warming and climate change are hoaxes.” This isContinue Reading

As a young magician, a trick I have always found very interesting is the metamorphosis. It involves one person being tied up and padlocked into a crate and then another standing on top of the crate and raising a curtain. When the curtain is dropped, the two have switched placesContinue Reading