By: Brooklyn Lile The sound of seventeen pairs of feet slowly, uniformly dragging along the dusty old floors comes to life as the monotone bell rings, compelling students to enter the dimly lit classroom. White walls that have turned almost yellow with age contrast the deep brown desks that areContinue Reading

The Olympics is a time to cheer on our newest and oldest favorite athletes. It is a time when American spirit is at a high. Many love the Olympics for its record-breaking, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring performances that leave people both excited and proud of their country. As the Olympic flame is lit, andContinue Reading

This article was submitted by a BCHS FMD student. The article was submitted to the Trojan Times on part of Emily’s teacher Jenny Harbison and Instructional Assistant Teresa Martin. Emily is a junior at BCHS. We hope you enjoy this article and feel free to leave comments for Emily! ThisContinue Reading

A few weeks it snowed. This prompted a huge amount of people around me to discuss weather patterns and what they mean in relation to climate change. A lot of things I overheard were comments like, “Well it’s snowing so I guess global warming and climate change are hoaxes.” This isContinue Reading