The Barn Lot Family

By: Ashley Wright

It’s spooky month, and there’s no shortage of spooky activities to occupy your time. Haunted houses, scary movies, costume shopping, and now, Halloween-esque musicals. The Addams Family Musical at Barn Lot Theater premiered Thursday, October 12, in Edmonton, KY, and features a litany of catchy tunes and funny quips. I was lucky enough to attend their final dress rehearsal Monday night, October 9, and was thoroughly entertained throughout the entirety of the show.

Instead of spoiling the story for you (go see it October 12-15 and 19-22!), I followed the story of two BCHS students who are members of the Addams Family cast. Malia Owens: a junior at Barren County High School, plays an Addams ancestor in the show.

“I’ve been acting at Barn Lot since I was around six, and I’ve kept doing musicals since then. Everyone is extremely nice and a lot of my friends are in Addams Family with me, so it’s fun to get to hang out with them all the time and get to act too,” Owens said of her experience doing Addams Family and being a part of Barn Lot altogether.

Indeed, the Addams Family appeared as close as an actual family, and it’s safe to say the same for any other Barn Lot production. Many volunteer actors do multiple shows and have been a part of the Barn Lot family for many years.

In fact, not only Owens and Jones, but lots of children are practically raised at the theater. It promotes a sense of belonging, and the atmosphere of love and acceptance is tangible when you walk through the door. Like Cheers, it’s the place where everyone knows your name. It’s a place for people to join together in their common interests and create something beautiful for the rest of the world to enjoy. Watching Addams Family, I could feel the sense of devotion and respect the actors had towards the institution. I could see their comfort and ease in the spotlight, like they were born to be there. But most of all, I could tell that this place was their home away from home.

If you would like to see The Addams Family Musical, there are still seats available. The show is October 12-15 and October 19-22. For tickets, visit their website at or call them at (270)432-2276.